HTML::PageIndex - Class to create HTML page index objects.


 use HTML::PageIndex;

 $foo = new HTML::PageIndex;

 $zog = $foo->makeindex([total pages],[current page],[base url],[url arguement],[show prev/next]);

 print $zog;


Will return an object which will display a dynamic index of html pages. It would look like:

        [Prev] 1 2 3 4 5 6 [Next]
makeindex([total pages],[current page],[base url],[url arguement],[show prev/next]);

This is currently the only public method. The args are as follows:

        [total pages] - How many total pages are there. 

        [current page] - What the current page is. It is expected that the using script
                         would generate this.

        [base url] - The base url to link to.

        [url arguement] - May be "", but if it isn't it will build a 
                          URL with ?[URL arguement]=[page number]

        [show prev/next] - Default is 0. If 0 it will not show [Prev] if you are on the
                        first page, or [Next] if you are on the last page. If 1, it will 
                        show [Prev] and [Next] as text.


You install HTML::PageIndex, as you would install any perl module library, by running these commands:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make install
   make clean


None knows at time of writing.


The latest version of HTML::PageIndex should always be available from:


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Or, from <URL:>.


Copyright 2002, Kevin Meltzer. This software is releases with no warranty, and under the terms of Perl itself.

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The author makes no warranties, promises, or gaurentees of this software. As with all software, use at your own risk.

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