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  • IUP - Cross-platform GUI toolkit for building graphical user interfaces
  • IUP::Button - [GUI element] button decorated with a text and/or an image
  • IUP::Canvas - [GUI element] 2D canvas with many drawing and text functions
  • IUP::Canvas::FileBitmap - [special] 2D drawing canvas storing the result into bitmap image file (PNG, JPG, GIF, ...)
  • IUP::Canvas::FileVector - [special] 2D drawing canvas storing the result into vector image file (SVG, EMF, ...)
  • IUP::CanvasGL - [GUI element] 2D canvas based on OpenGL (co-operates with OpenGL module)
  • IUP::Cbox - [GUI element] container for position elements in absolute coordinates
  • IUP::Cells - [GUI element] grid widget (set of cells) that enables chess-table-like drawings
  • IUP::Clipboard - [special] allows access to the clipboard
  • IUP::ColorBar - [GUI element] color palette for color selection of 1 or 2 colors
  • IUP::ColorBrowser - [GUI element] color selector via cylindrical projection of the RGB cube
  • IUP::ColorDlg - [pre-defined dialog] selecting color
  • IUP::Constants - [special] IUP related constants
  • IUP::Dial - [GUI element] dial for regulating a given angular variable
  • IUP::Dialog - [GUI element] the main GUI element; the main application window
  • IUP::ElementPropertiesDialog
  • IUP::FileDlg - [pre-defined dialog] selecting files or a directory
  • IUP::Fill - [GUI element] dynamically occupies empty spaces always trying to expand itself
  • IUP::FontDlg - [pre-defined dialog] selecting a font
  • IUP::Frame - [GUI element] frame with a title around an interface element
  • IUP::Hbox - [GUI element] container for composing elements horizontally
  • IUP::Image - [GUI element] image to be shown on a label, button, toggle, or as a cursor
  • IUP::Internal::Callback - [internal only] DO NOT USE this unless you know what could happen!
  • IUP::Internal::Canvas - [internal only] DO NOT USE this unless you know what could happen!
  • IUP::Internal::Element - [internal only] DO NOT USE this unless you know what could happen!
  • IUP::Internal::LibraryIup - [internal only] DO NOT USE this unless you know what could happen!
  • IUP::Item - [GUI element] item of the menu interface element
  • IUP::Label - [GUI element] displays a separator, a text or an image
  • IUP::LayoutDialog - [pre-defined-dialog] special dialog for GUI editing of other IUP dialogs
  • IUP::List - [GUI element] displays a list of items (listbox, combobox, dropdown)
  • IUP::Matrix - [GUI element] matrix of alphanumeric fields
  • IUP::Menu - [GUI element] menu which can group 3 types of elements: item, submenu, separator
  • IUP::MessageDlg - [pre-defined dialog] displaying a message
  • IUP::Normalizer - [special] normalizes all controls from a list to be the biggest natural size
  • IUP::PPlot - [GUI element] canvas-like element for creating 2D plots
  • IUP::ProgressBar - [GUI element] shows a percent value that can be updated to simulate a progression
  • IUP::Radio - [GUI element] container for grouping mutual exclusive toggles (radiobutton)
  • IUP::Sbox - [GUI element] container for expanding/contracting the child size in one direction
  • IUP::Separator - [GUI element] shows a line between two menu items
  • IUP::Spin - [GUI element] vertical box containing 2 buttons for incrementing/decrementing values
  • IUP::Split - [GUI element] container that split its client area in two
  • IUP::Submenu - [GUI element] menu item that, when selected, opens another menu
  • IUP::Tabs - [GUI element] allows a single dialog to have several screens, grouping options
  • IUP::Text - [GUI element] editable text field (single/multi-line, plain/rich-text)
  • IUP::Timer - [special] periodicaly invokes a callback when the time is up
  • IUP::Toggle - [GUI element] two-state (on/off) button with a text and/or an image
  • IUP::Tree - [GUI element] tree containing nodes of branches or leaves with associated text/image
  • IUP::User - [special] user element which is not associated to any interface element
  • IUP::Val - [GUI element] selects a value in a limited interval (aka scale, trackbar)
  • IUP::Vbox - [GUI element] container for composing elements vertically
  • IUP::Zbox - [GUI element] container for composing elements in hidden layers with only one layer visible