GetRc - A Module for reading configuration files

This perl library provides reading, writing and updating configuration files
which is outside your Perl script.

The current version of is available at


  use GetRc;

  my $file = GetRc->new ("file_name");
  my $result_get = $file->getrc(\%input);

  my $newfile = GetRc->new ("new_file_name");
  $newfile->ofs(' = ');
  my $result_wri = $newfile->writerc(\%input);

  my $updatefile = GetRc->new ("update_file_name");
  $updatefile->ofs(' = ');
  my $result_upd = $updatefile->updaterc(\%input);

Copyright 1997-2000 Jan 'Kozo' Vajda <>.  All rights
reserved.  It may be used and modified freely, but I do request that this
copyright notice remain attached to the file.  You may modify this module as
you wish, but if you redistribute a modified version, please attach a note
listing the modifications you have made.

Address bug reports and comments to: