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Changes for version 0.999920

  • Code name "Snowman", this is a major release, which means deprecation policies apply. (See also "perldoc Mojolicious::Book::CodingGuidelines")
  • Renamed distribution from Mojo to Mojolicious.
  • Deprecated $VERSION in Mojo, new $VERSION lives in Mojolicious. Make sure to update your modules depending on Mojo to depend on Mojolicious in the future.
  • Deprecated Mojo::Transaction::Single, make sure to update all old code to use Mojo::Transaction::HTTP instead.
  • MOJO_RELOAD=1 now works with Mojolicious::Lite, have fun!
  • Allow reloading to be triggered once by a USR1 or WINCH (win32) signal.
  • Added --reload flag to all server bindings as an alternative to MOJO_RELOAD=1.
  • Added WebSocket support.
  • Added IPv6 support.
  • Added SSL/TLS support.
  • Added IDNA support.
  • Added UNIX domain socket support to daemons.
  • Added transparent kqueue and epoll support to daemons and client.
  • Added support for listening to multiple locations to the daemons. mojo daemon --listen mojo daemon --listen,file:///tmp/my.sock mojo daemon --listen http://*:3000,http://*:3001,http://*:3002 mojo daemon --listen http://[::1]:3000 mojo daemon --listen https://*:443:/x/server.crt:/x/server.key
  • Added routes captures to params in Mojolicious.
  • Added native PSGI support.
  • Added the ability to have multiple Mojolicious::Lite apps at once. (Mojolicious::Lite is not a singleton anymore!)
  • Added charset plugin to Mojolicious. (charsbar)
  • Added simple reverse proxy support with tests.
  • Added simpler way to define default controller and action for a route. $r->route('/foo')->to('mycontroller#myaction');
  • Added simple way to define default controller or action for a route. (mvuets) $r->route('/foo/:controller')->to('#myaction'); $r->route('/foo/:action')->to('mycontroller#');
  • Added multipart post support to Test::Mojo. (yuki-kimoto)
  • Added env attribute to Mojo::Message::Request.
  • Added range support to MojoX::Dispatcher::Static. (xantus)
  • Added version command.
  • Added after_build_tx plugin hook.
  • Added timer support to Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Added the ability to run multiple parallel ioloops that block each other.
  • Added default_template_class attribute to MojoX::Renderer.
  • Added render_static method to Mojolicious::Controller.
  • Added support for embedded Mojolicious applications.
  • Added json_config plugin to Mojolicious. (vti)
  • Added the ability to reload the application and (graceful) restart all children to the prefork daemon.
  • Added to_hash and from_hash methods to Mojo::Headers. (vti)
  • Added post_form method to Mojo::Client.
  • Added find_route method to MojoX::Routes.
  • Added buffer size limits to the message parser.
  • Added child_status method to Mojo::Server::Daemon::Prefork. (und3f)
  • Added header_condition plugin to Mojolicious. (xantus)
  • Added finish method to Mojolicious::Controller.
  • Added WebSocket support to Mojolicious and Mojolicious::Lite.
  • Added message body support to Mojo::Client api. (tempire)
  • Added stash helper.
  • Added POD renderer plugin to Mojolicious. (vti)
  • Added inflate command to Mojolicious. (vti, korshak)
  • Added singleton support to Mojo::Client.
  • Started working on the Mojolicious book.
  • Started adding reference documentation. (marcus)
  • Improved HTTP 1.1 state machine.
  • Improved exception handling in Mojo::Client, Mojo::Server::Daemon and Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Disabled Nagle's algorithm in Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Changed the testing framework to always run real world tests with daemon and TCP connections.
  • Changed exceptions to stay out of your way as much as possible.
  • Made all Mojolicious after_* plugin hooks run in reverse order.
  • Made param decoding more defensive and allow malformed data to pass through for debugging.
  • Made Mojo::IOLoop very hard to kill.
  • Reduced Mojolicious log output outside of development mode.
  • Polished Mojo::Client api.
  • Fixed connect error handling in Mojo::Client.
  • Fixed double encoding of JSON data with charset plugin. (yuki-kimoto)
  • Fixed prefork daemon signal handling.
  • Fixed backslash encoding bug in Mojo::JSON.
  • Fixed memory leaks in Mojolicious plugins. (sharifulin)
  • Fixed memory leaks in .ep templates. (vti)
  • Fixed makefile and app generators.
  • Fixed a case where an ending tag would be interpreted as a line start in Mojo::Template.
  • Fixed multipart charset handling and added the ability to disable param decoding.
  • Fixed format detection bug. (marcus)
  • Fixed named url_for and added tests. (marcus)
  • Fixed decamelize of multiple uppercase characters.
  • Fixed plugins and commands to work with multiple namespaces and reloading.
  • Fixed multiple process calls in Mojo::Client.
  • Fixed a routes parser bug.
  • Fixed a bug that caused waypoint actions to run twice.
  • Fixed a bug where to_abs and to_rel could not be called multiple times on a Mojo::URL object. (vti)
  • Fixed development mode log level. (ka2u)
  • Fixed query string support in Mojo::URL. (vti)
  • Fixed rendering without template name.
  • Fixed large file upload bug. (vti, sharifulin)
  • Fixed a small inconsistency between relaxed and wildcared plaeholders.
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