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Sebastian Riedel
Mojolicious::Guides - Mojolicious Guide To The Galaxy
Mojolicious::Guides::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
hypnotoad - Hypnotoad HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket Server
mojo - The Mojolicious Command System
Mojo - The Box!
Mojo::Asset - Asset Base Class
Mojo::Asset::File - File Asset
Mojo::Asset::Memory - In-Memory Asset
Mojo::Base - Minimal Base Class For Mojo Projects
Mojo::ByteStream - ByteStream
Mojo::Cache - Naive In-Memory Cache
Mojo::Client - DEPRECATED!
Mojo::Command - Command Base Class
Mojo::Content - HTTP 1.1 Content Base Class
Mojo::Content::MultiPart - HTTP 1.1 MultiPart Content Container
Mojo::Content::Single - HTTP 1.1 Content Container
Mojo::Cookie - HTTP 1.1 Cookie Base Class
Mojo::Cookie::Request - HTTP 1.1 Request Cookie Container
Mojo::Cookie::Response - HTTP 1.1 Response Cookie Container
Mojo::CookieJar - Cookie Jar For HTTP 1.1 User Agents
Mojo::DOM - Minimalistic XML/HTML5 DOM Parser With CSS3 Selectors
Mojo::Date - HTTP 1.1 Date Container
Mojo::Exception - Exceptions With Context
Mojo::Headers - Headers
Mojo::HelloWorld - Hello World!
Mojo::Home - Detect And Access The Project Root Directory In Mojo
Mojo::IOLoop - Minimalistic Reactor For Async TCP Clients And Servers
Mojo::JSON - Minimalistic JSON
Mojo::Loader - Loader
Mojo::Log - Simple Logger For Mojo
Mojo::Message - HTTP 1.1 Message Base Class
Mojo::Message::Request - HTTP 1.1 Request Container
Mojo::Message::Response - HTTP 1.1 Response Container
Mojo::Parameters - Parameter Container
Mojo::Path - Path
Mojo::Server - HTTP Server Base Class
Mojo::Server::CGI - CGI Server
Mojo::Server::Daemon - Async IO HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket Server
Mojo::Server::FastCGI - FastCGI Server
Mojo::Server::Hypnotoad - ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!
Mojo::Server::PSGI - PSGI Server
Mojo::Template - Perlish Templates!
Mojo::Transaction - Transaction Base Class
Mojo::Transaction::HTTP - HTTP 1.1 Transaction Container
Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket - WebSocket Transaction Container
Mojo::URL - Uniform Resource Locator
Mojo::Upload - Upload Container
Mojo::UserAgent - Async IO HTTP 1.1 And WebSocket User Agent
Mojo::Util - Portable Utility Functions
Mojolicious - The Web In A Box!
Mojolicious::Command::Daemon - Daemon Command
Mojolicious::Command::Fastcgi - FastCGI Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate - Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate::App - App Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate::Gitignore - Gitignore Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate::Hypnotoad - Hypnotoad Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate::LiteApp - Lite App Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Generate::Makefile - Makefile Generator Command
Mojolicious::Command::Inflate - Inflate Command
Mojolicious::Command::Routes - Routes Command
Mojolicious::Command::Version - Version Command
Mojolicious::Controller - Controller Base Class
Mojolicious::Lite - Micro Web Framework
Mojolicious::Plugin - Plugin Base Class
Mojolicious::Plugin::AgentCondition - Agent Condition Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::Charset - Charset Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::Config - Perlish Configuration Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers - Default Helpers Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::EpRenderer - EP Renderer Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::EplRenderer - EPL Renderer Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::HeaderCondition - Header Condition Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::I18n - Intenationalization Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::JsonConfig - JSON Configuration Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::PodRenderer - POD Renderer Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::PoweredBy - Powered By Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::RequestTimer - Request Timer Plugin
Mojolicious::Plugin::TagHelpers - Tag Helpers Plugin
Mojolicious::Renderer - MIME Type Based Renderer
Mojolicious::Routes - Always Find Your Destination With Routes
Mojolicious::Routes::Match - Routes Visitor
Mojolicious::Routes::Pattern - Routes Pattern
Mojolicious::Sessions - Signed Cookie Based Sessions
Mojolicious::Static - Serve Static Files
Mojolicious::Types - MIME Types
Test::Mojo - Testing Mojo!
ojo - Fun Oneliners With Mojo!
Mojo::DOM::_Collection in lib/Mojo/DOM.pm
Mojo::JSON::_Bool in lib/Mojo/JSON.pm
Mojo::Server::PSGI::_Handle in lib/Mojo/Server/PSGI.pm
Mojolicious::Plugin::I18n::_Handler in lib/Mojolicious/Plugin/I18n.pm
Changes for version 1.17
    • Deprecated Mojolicious process method in favor of the on_process attribute.
    • Added Failraptor.
    • Added support for MOJO_CERT_FILE and MOJO_KEY_FILE environment variables.
    • Added EXPERIMENTAL xml attribute to Mojo::DOM.
    • Added EXPERIMENTAL build_url method to Test::Mojo.
    • Added EXPERIMENTAL dnt (Do Not Track) method to Mojo::Headers.
    • Added WOFF mime type. (reezer)
    • Updated WebSocket implementation to ietf-06. (sri, crab)
    • Updated jQuery to version 1.5.2.
    • Improved documentation.
    • Improved HTML healing capabilities of Mojo::DOM.
    • Improved Mojo::DOM to ignore useless end tags.
    • Improved Mojo::DOM inline DTD support. (akron)
    • Improved Mojo::DOM text extraction.
    • Improved Mojolicious::Plugin::I18n default lexicon handling. (yko)
    • Improved a Mojo::IOLoop workaround.
    • Moved all bundled static files to "lib/Mojolicious/public".
    • Made Test::Mojo a little more user friendly.
    • Fixed small CGI/FastCGI header generation bug.
    • Fixed readonly handle support in Mojo::IOLoop.
    • Fixed a Mojo::IOLoop resolver bug. (Charlie Brady)
    • Fixed small Mojo::Asset::File bug. (crab)
    • Fixed small Mojo::DOM selector bug. (tempire)
    • Fixed small Mojo::DOM namespace detection bug. (akron)
    • Fixed small route pattern escaping bug.
    • Fixed small reload bug.
    • Fixed small perldoc browser bug. (kberov)
    • Fixed cookbook recipe. (moritz)

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