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Sebastian Riedel

Changes for version 1.17

  • Deprecated Mojolicious process method in favor of the on_process attribute.
  • Added Failraptor.
  • Added support for MOJO_CERT_FILE and MOJO_KEY_FILE environment variables.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL xml attribute to Mojo::DOM.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL build_url method to Test::Mojo.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL dnt (Do Not Track) method to Mojo::Headers.
  • Added WOFF mime type. (reezer)
  • Updated WebSocket implementation to ietf-06. (sri, crab)
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.5.2.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved HTML healing capabilities of Mojo::DOM.
  • Improved Mojo::DOM to ignore useless end tags.
  • Improved Mojo::DOM inline DTD support. (akron)
  • Improved Mojo::DOM text extraction.
  • Improved Mojolicious::Plugin::I18n default lexicon handling. (yko)
  • Improved a Mojo::IOLoop workaround.
  • Moved all bundled static files to "lib/Mojolicious/public".
  • Made Test::Mojo a little more user friendly.
  • Fixed small CGI/FastCGI header generation bug.
  • Fixed readonly handle support in Mojo::IOLoop.
  • Fixed a Mojo::IOLoop resolver bug. (Charlie Brady)
  • Fixed small Mojo::Asset::File bug. (crab)
  • Fixed small Mojo::DOM selector bug. (tempire)
  • Fixed small Mojo::DOM namespace detection bug. (akron)
  • Fixed small route pattern escaping bug.
  • Fixed small reload bug.
  • Fixed small perldoc browser bug. (kberov)
  • Fixed cookbook recipe. (moritz)
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