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Changes for version 0.07 - 2008-01-18

  • this is a major release that features a significant speed improvement and introduces multi update commands. It also fixes a bug in nowait mode that was introduced in 0.06. Upgrade is recommended if you are using nowait => 1, or want to employ new features and speed.
  • Changes since 0.06:
  • For performance reasons all Perl code was converted to XS. If you performed any benchmarks, you may want to repeat them ;). This change has a drawback that now you can't derive from C::M::F easily.
  • Every update command now has its multi equivalent: set_multi, add_multi, replace_multi, append_multi, prepend_multi, incr_multi, decr_multi and delete_multi. By using multi commands you will reduce request latency: several requests would be sent in one packet, and the client would talk to all servers simultaneously.
  • Improved results of update commands: commands that previously returned boolean value now return true for positive server reply, false for negative server reply, and undef on error. Similar to DBI, decr returns "0E0" for positive zero reply, which evaluates to true in a boolean context.
  • flush_all now returns a hash 'server_name' => 'bool_result'.
  • New commands 'server_versions' and 'nowait_push'.
  • New 'utf8' and 'serialize_methods' parameters for constructor.
  • script/compare.pl was removed. Instead script/benchmark.pl takes an optional last argument "compare".
  • t/03-flush_all.t was removed. We use PID as a part of a namespace prefix now, so we don't need clear cache any more. And there are good reasons not to have flush_all: the user may flush a valuable cache by mistake, and "flush_all 0" doesn't work on memcached 1.2.2, so the outcome was uncertain anyway. Without flush_all it's possible to execute in parallel more than one 'make test'.
  • Fixed bug in 'nowait' mode that could cause false negative replies to subsequent requests that you are waiting for.
  • Workaround the loss of the last 'noreply' request on the server. 'noreply' is still an undocumented feature.
  • To support multi commands the API of internal client implementation was changed. If you were using it as a standalone library---sorry :). After API will freeze C client library will likely be released on its own.


Perl client for memcached, in C language