Changes for version 0.13 - 2008-10-13

  • introduce Win32 support (based on the patch by Yasuhiro Matsumoto---arigatou!), and use poll() instead of select() (suggested by Vladimir Timofeev).
  • Changes since 0.12:
  • Add support for Win32. I personally don't have the system nor compiler, so I can't even test the build. Win32 port is expected to be supported by community. Note: on Win32 below Windows Vista max number of memcached servers is 64. See comment on FD_SETSIZE in src/socket_win32.h to learn how to increase this value if you need to connect to more than 64 servers.
  • Use poll() system call instead of select(). The latter has the limit on the file descriptor value. I.e. even when the number of memcached servers is low, but your application opens lots of other files, then after some point socket() returns fd value larger that select() can handle. poll() doesn't have this limitation. On a side note, we don't have to use advanced calls like epoll()/kqueue(), because number of memcached servers is normally not very large (and single request touches even a smaller subset).
  • Add bench make target ('make bench'). You may change initial parameters at the top of script/ to benchmark different types of loads.
  • Do not install libclient.a. Thanks to Vladimir Timofeev for finding out how to prevent the installation.


Perl client for memcached, in C language