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Changes for version 0.15 - 2009-06-15

  • no need to upgrade for existing users. This release fixes issues that new users may encounter (lack of getaddrinfo() on some Windows systems; failing test case due to behaviour change in memcached 1.3.3 that would break automatic installation from CPAN).
  • Changes since 0.14:
  • Previous release (0.14) featured the change in the Ketama algorithm. While that was a necessary move to improve key distribution across servers, it introduced incompatibility with earlier versions, and provided no means for smooth transition for existing users of Ketama algorithm (i.e., without complete loss of cached data). The following workaround was suggested by Masahiro Nagano---thanks!:
    • apply the patch at http://limilic.com/entry/ljlt0sksbiqi16p3
    • create two instances of C::M::F, one with enabled old_ketama_algo => 1.
    • for some time populate caches via both client instances, while serving gets through old_ketama_algo. For this you may use Cache::Migrate (http://gist.github.com/110981).
    • after some time (depends on cache refresh rate) you may drop old_ketama_algo, as new data is now distributed according to the new Ketama implementation as well (this doubles memory use though).
  • I do not include the named patch in the distribution, because it's use is limited for one-time transition for existing Ketama users only.
  • On systems lacking getaddrinfo() implement it with gethostbyname(). In particular this should fix the build on Win32 (Cygwin, Mingw32). Problem report (for Windows 2000 and below) and initial patch are by Yasuhiro Matsumoto.
  • Fix t/commands.t: starting with memcached 1.3.3 incr/decr commands expect numeric value in the cache. Patch by Jason M. Mills (RT#46883).


compute relative distribution of keys.


Perl client for memcached, in C language