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Math::NumSeq - number sequences
Math::NumSeq::All - all integers
Math::NumSeq::AllDigits - digits of the integers
Math::NumSeq::AlmostPrimes - semiprimes and other fixed number of prime factors
Math::NumSeq::AsciiSelf - sequence is its own ASCII digits
Math::NumSeq::BaumSweet - Baum-Sweet sequence
Math::NumSeq::Beastly - numbers containing digits "666"
Math::NumSeq::CollatzSteps - steps in the "3n+1" problem
Math::NumSeq::Cubes - cubes i^3
Math::NumSeq::CullenNumbers - Cullen numbers i*2^i+1
Math::NumSeq::DigitCount - count of a given digit
Math::NumSeq::DigitCountHigh - count of given high digits
Math::NumSeq::DigitCountLow - count of given low digits
Math::NumSeq::DigitLength - length in digits
Math::NumSeq::DigitLengthCumulative - total length in digits of numbers 1 to i
Math::NumSeq::DigitProduct - product of digits
Math::NumSeq::DigitSum - sum of digits, possibly with powering
Math::NumSeq::DigitSumModulo - digit sum taken modulo a given modulus
Math::NumSeq::DivisorCount - how many divisors
Math::NumSeq::Emirps - primes backwards and forwards
Math::NumSeq::Even - even integers
Math::NumSeq::Expression - mathematical expression values
Math::NumSeq::Factorials - factorials 1*2*...*i
Math::NumSeq::Fibbinary - without consecutive 1 bits
Math::NumSeq::FibbinaryBitCount - number of bits in each fibbinary number
Math::NumSeq::Fibonacci - Fibonacci numbers
Math::NumSeq::FibonacciWord - 0/1 related to Fibonacci numbers
Math::NumSeq::FractionDigits - the digits of a fraction p/q
Math::NumSeq::GolombSequence - sequence is its own run lengths, 1 upwards
Math::NumSeq::HappyNumbers - reaching 1 under repeated sum of squares of digits
Math::NumSeq::HappySteps - number of sum of squares of digits iterations to reach a repeat
Math::NumSeq::HarshadNumbers - numbers divisible by sum of digits
Math::NumSeq::JugglerSteps - steps in the juggler sqrt sequence
Math::NumSeq::KlarnerRado - Klarner-Rado sequences
Math::NumSeq::Kolakoski - sequence of 1s and 2s its own run lengths
Math::NumSeq::LiouvilleFunction - Liouville function sequence
Math::NumSeq::LucasNumbers - Lucas numbers
Math::NumSeq::MephistoWaltz - Mephisto waltz sequence
Math::NumSeq::MobiusFunction - Mobius function sequence
Math::NumSeq::Modulo - remainders modulo of a given number
Math::NumSeq::Multiples - multiples of a given number
Math::NumSeq::NumAronson - numerical version of Aronson's sequence
Math::NumSeq::OEIS - number sequence by OEIS A-number
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue - available A-numbers
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin - pluggable catalogue extensions
Math::NumSeq::Odd - odd integers
Math::NumSeq::Palindromes - palindrome numbers like 15351
Math::NumSeq::Pell - Pell numbers
Math::NumSeq::Perrin - Perrin sequence
Math::NumSeq::Polygonal - polygonal numbers, triangular, square, pentagonal, etc
Math::NumSeq::PrimeFactorCount - how many prime factors
Math::NumSeq::Primes - prime numbers
Math::NumSeq::Primorials - primorials 2*3*...*p[i]
Math::NumSeq::Pronic - pronic numbers
Math::NumSeq::ProthNumbers - Proth number sequence
Math::NumSeq::RadixWithoutDigit - integers without a given digit
Math::NumSeq::RepdigitAny - numbers which are a repdigit in any radix
Math::NumSeq::RepdigitRadix - radix in which i is a repdigit
Math::NumSeq::Repdigits - repdigits 11, 22, 33, etc
Math::NumSeq::ReverseAdd - steps of the reverse-add algorithm
Math::NumSeq::ReverseAddSteps - steps of the reverse-add algorithm
Math::NumSeq::SophieGermainPrimes - Sophie Germain primes p and 2*p+1 prime
Math::NumSeq::SqrtDigits - the digits of a square root
Math::NumSeq::SqrtEngel - Engel expansion of a square root
Math::NumSeq::Squares - perfect squares
Math::NumSeq::StarNumbers - star numbers 6*i*(i-1)+1
Math::NumSeq::SternDiatomic - Stern's diatomic sequence
Math::NumSeq::Tetrahedral - tetrahedral numbers i*(i+1)*(i+2)/6
Math::NumSeq::Totient - Euler's totient function
Math::NumSeq::TotientCumulative - cumulative totients
Math::NumSeq::TotientPerfect - sum of repeated totients is N itself
Math::NumSeq::TotientSteps - count of repeated totients to reach 1
Math::NumSeq::TotientStepsSum - sum of repeated totients to reach 1
Math::NumSeq::Triangular - triangular numbers
Math::NumSeq::Tribonacci - Tribonacci numbers
Math::NumSeq::TwinPrimes - twin primes
Math::NumSeq::WoodallNumbers - Woodall numbers i*2^i-1
Math::NumSeq::Base::Array in lib/Math/NumSeq/Base/Array.pm
Math::NumSeq::Base::Digits in lib/Math/NumSeq/Base/Digits.pm
Math::NumSeq::Base::IterateIth in lib/Math/NumSeq/Base/IterateIth.pm
Math::NumSeq::Base::IteratePred in lib/Math/NumSeq/Base/IteratePred.pm
Math::NumSeq::Base::Sparse in lib/Math/NumSeq/Base/Sparse.pm
Math::NumSeq::Expression::LanguageExpr in lib/Math/NumSeq/Expression.pm
Math::NumSeq::File in lib/Math/NumSeq/File.pm
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::BuiltinTable in lib/Math/NumSeq/OEIS/Catalogue/Plugin/BuiltinTable.pm
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::FractionDigits in lib/Math/NumSeq/OEIS/Catalogue/Plugin/FractionDigits.pm
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::Catalogue::Plugin::ZZ_Files in lib/Math/NumSeq/OEIS/Catalogue/Plugin/ZZ_Files.pm
Math::NumSeq::OEIS::File in lib/Math/NumSeq/OEIS/File.pm

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