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Math::PlanePath - points on a path through the 2-D plane
Math::PlanePath::ArchimedeanChords - radial spiral chords
Math::PlanePath::CellularRule54 - points stacked up in a pyramid
Math::PlanePath::Columns - points in fixed-height columns
Math::PlanePath::ComplexMinus - twindragon and other complex number base i-r
Math::PlanePath::CoprimeColumns - coprime x,y by columns
Math::PlanePath::Corner - points shaped around in a corner
Math::PlanePath::Diagonals - points in diagonal stripes
Math::PlanePath::DiamondArms - four spiral arms
Math::PlanePath::DiamondSpiral - integer points around a diamond shaped spiral
Math::PlanePath::DragonMidpoint - dragon curve midpoints
Math::PlanePath::DragonRounded - dragon curve with rounded corners
Math::PlanePath::File - points from a file
Math::PlanePath::Flowsnake - self-similar path through hexagons
Math::PlanePath::FlowsnakeCentres - self-similar path of hexagon centres
Math::PlanePath::GosperIslands - concentric Gosper islands
Math::PlanePath::GosperReplicate - self-similar hexagon replications
Math::PlanePath::GosperSide - one side of the Gosper island
Math::PlanePath::GreekKeySpiral - square spiral with Greek key motif
Math::PlanePath::HeptSpiralSkewed - integer points around a skewed seven sided spiral
Math::PlanePath::HexArms - six spiral arms
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiral - integer points around a hexagonal spiral
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiralSkewed - integer points around a skewed hexagonal spiral
Math::PlanePath::HilbertCurve - 2x2 self-similar quadrant traversal
Math::PlanePath::Hypot - points in order of hypotenuse distance
Math::PlanePath::HypotOctant - octant of points in order of hypotenuse distance
Math::PlanePath::ImaginaryBase - replications in four directions
Math::PlanePath::KnightSpiral - integer points around a square, by chess knight moves
Math::PlanePath::KochCurve - horizontal Koch curve
Math::PlanePath::KochPeaks - Koch curve peaks
Math::PlanePath::KochSnowflakes - Koch snowflakes as concentric rings
Math::PlanePath::KochSquareflakes - four-sided Koch snowflakes
Math::PlanePath::MultipleRings - rings of multiples
Math::PlanePath::OctagramSpiral - integer points drawn around an octagram
Math::PlanePath::PeanoCurve - 3x3 self-similar quadrant traversal
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiral - integer points in a pentagonal shape
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiralSkewed - integer points in a pentagonal shape
Math::PlanePath::PixelRings - pixellated concentric circles
Math::PlanePath::PyramidRows - points stacked up in a pyramid
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSides - points along the sides of pyramid
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSpiral - integer points drawn around a pyramid
Math::PlanePath::PythagoreanTree - primitive Pythagorean triples by tree
Math::PlanePath::QuadricCurve - eight segment zig-zag
Math::PlanePath::QuadricIslands - quadric curve rings
Math::PlanePath::QuintetCentres - self-similar "plus" shape centres
Math::PlanePath::QuintetCurve - self-similar "plus" shaped curve
Math::PlanePath::QuintetReplicate - self-similar "+" tiling
Math::PlanePath::RationalsTree - rationals by tree
Math::PlanePath::Rows - points in fixed-width rows
Math::PlanePath::SacksSpiral - circular spiral, squaring each revolution
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowhead - self-similar triangular path traversal
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowheadCentres - self-similar triangular path traversal
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiTriangle - self-similar triangular path traversal
Math::PlanePath::SquareArms - four spiral arms
Math::PlanePath::SquareSpiral - integer points drawn around a square (or rectangle)
Math::PlanePath::Staircase - integer points in stair-step diagonal stripes
Math::PlanePath::TheodorusSpiral - right-angle unit step spiral
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiral - integer points drawn around an equilateral triangle
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiralSkewed - integer points drawn around a skewed equilateral triangle
Math::PlanePath::TriangularHypot - points of triangular lattice in order of hypotenuse distance
Math::PlanePath::VogelFloret - circular pattern like a sunflower
Math::PlanePath::ZOrderCurve - 2x2 self-similar Z shape digits

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