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Version 12, November 2019
    - new email

Version 11, December 2012
    - Regexp::Common::ANSIescape split out to Regexp-Common-Other distribution

Version 10, February 2011
    - workaround for perl 5.14 incompatible change which breaks
      private \p{_IsFoo} properties

Version 9, October 2010
    - avoid status clearing prints after close, segfaults in perl 5.8.9

Version 8, September 2010
    - test manifest only as an author test

Version 7, January 2010
    - don't load builtin patterns of Regexp::Common, just ANSIescape
      (avoids dodginess in Beatnik pattern of Regexp::Common 2.120)

Version 6, September 2009
    - ANSIescape match \n in character strings too
    - example programs Term::Sprog has become Term::Sk 

Version 5, March 2009
    - avoid a segv from Term::Size in the test suite

Version 4, March 2009
    - recognise "private parameters" in ANSI sequences,
      reported by Karl Gaissmaier

Version 3, November 2008
    - fix ShowAll on utf8 streams
    - maybe fix char classes for early 5.8.x

Version 2, August 2008
    - forgot Term::Size in Makefile.PL

Version 1, August 2008
    - the first version