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Paul Kulchenko
SOAP::Lite - Library for SOAP clients and servers in Perl
SOAP::Transport::HTTP - Server/Client side HTTP support for SOAP::Lite for Perl
SOAP::Constants in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Data in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Deserializer in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Header in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Server in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Server::Object in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::SOM in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Transport in lib/SOAP/Lite.pm
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon in lib/SOAP/Transport/HTTP.pm
SOAP::Transport::LOCAL in lib/SOAP/Transport/LOCAL.pm
SOAP::Transport::LOCAL::Client in lib/SOAP/Transport/LOCAL.pm
SOAP::Transport::MAILTO in lib/SOAP/Transport/MAILTO.pm
SOAP::Transport::MAILTO::Client in lib/SOAP/Transport/MAILTO.pm
SOAP::Transport::POP3 in lib/SOAP/Transport/POP3.pm
SOAP::Transport::POP3::Server in lib/SOAP/Transport/POP3.pm
Changes for version 0.40
    • fixed die in mailto: protocol if you don't have URI::URL installed
    • fixed misbehavior on Mac platform (thanks to Carl K. Cunningham)
    • added default namespace processing [xmlns] (thanks to Petr Janata)
    • added objects-by-reference, simple garbage collection and activation
    • added full access to envelope on server side (see examples in My::ParametersByName.pm and parametersbyname.pl)
    • added versionMismatch reaction
    • added local: protocol for local binding without any transport
    • added examples for objects-by-reference: persistent/session iterators and chat (40 lines on server and 25 lines on client side)

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