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Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Defang.

1.03  Mon Jun 14 16:22:35 2010
	- fix incorrect tag closing when "/" appears as attribute key
	- handle deep span nests with the same attrs, not just no attrs
	- we might not find the tag if we hit one that stops further breaking out, that's not an error to report
	- track noscript mismatched tags
	- more nested table tags fixes
	- unicode fixes on attribute/style entity expansions
	- more deep nested span/div hacks
	- avoid undef error
	- optimisation for nested inline tags within block tags
	- massive speedup on deeply nested tags
	- defang tweaks on large sets of style rules
	- use /\G..../gc matching on style rather than s///
	- close/re-open inline tags across block tags
	- only convert \u sequences in stripped values
	- track mismatched <p> tags, and defang -- in a tag as well
	- need to strip -- in defanged tags because --'s in comments are bad

1.02  Mon Aug 24 18:00:00 2009
	- add col and colgroup as possible ImplicitOpenTags
	- change to prevent double-defang by default.  Add option to allow it.
	- open a new <tr>, not a <tbody> if we need to open an implicit tag
	- add tbody back into list of implicit table tags
	- include & ... ; when encoding entity in new attributes
	- don't insert implicit open tag if it's the tag we actually just parsed
	- avoid excessive backtracking on some style tags. cleanup unquoting code
	- track tt blocks as well
	- add more tags to track
	- more quoting fixes
	- expand html entities in styles as well
	- don't unescape % sequences in URLs, just in stripped test value
	- in attributes, % sequences are only every 2 chars

1.01  Tue Apr 27 11:35:44 2009
	- first public release

0.01  Tue Feb 24 17:50:13 2009
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XAn HTML::Defang