WWW::Robot Module

This distribution contains a module which provides a web traversal engine
for use in web robots and the like. This is a beta release; the API is
open to change until a 1.000 release.

To install these modules, you should just have to run the following:

	% perl Makefile.PL
	% make install

The module is documented using pod. When you "make install", you
will get a man-page: WWW::Robot. You can also generate HTML using pod2html:

	% pod2html Robot.pm

There is a simple example robot, poacher, in the examples/ directory of
this distribution. Poacher is a basic site validation robot, mainly to
illustrate use of the module.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with this module,
or have any ideas for additions.

Neil Bowers <neilb@cre.canon.co.uk>

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