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Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::SKey.

0.09 - Wed Jan  7 22:43:49 2009

 - Added support for SHA1 hashing. [Ed Ravin]

 - An unknown $HASH setting will now trigger an error, rather than
   silently defaulting to MD4.

0.09 - Wed Nov 19 19:46:48 2008

 - This time I *swear* I added "use Exporter;" and it's not commented

0.08 - Mon Nov 17 21:51:53 2008

 - Added a missing "use Exporter;" line to the code.  [Spotted by
   Frédéric Brière]

0.07  Sat Dec  3 15:55:37 CST 2005

 - Added the ability to generate output in hexadecimal format for the
   benefit of some older gear that likes to see it that way
   (e.g. HP4000m/HP8000m/HP2424m). [Ed Ravin]

0.06  Mon Feb 17 08:49:39 CST 2003

 - The README wasn't being included in the distribution because I'd
   removed it from the MANIFEST.  Now it's included.

0.05  Sun 15 Dec 02:02:22 GMT 2002

 - The tests weren't properly being skipped if their module
   prerequisites weren't installed, try as they might.  This has been

0.04  Thu Aug 29 23:08:17 EST 2002

 - Added a mention of OPIE, the main system people might want MD5
   hashing for, to the docs.  Requested by Allen Chen.

 - The test 03-interactive.t shouldn't run anymore in non-interactive
   environments like CPANPLUS's smoke-tester.

 - Added a Build.PL so people can install via Module::Build.  This
   helps capture "recommended" dependencies like Term::ReadLine.
   (Note to self: it would be nice if Module::Build let you specify a
   reason *why* things are required/recommended, and if it let you
   specify boolean combinations like 'Digest::MD5 || Digest::MD4'.)

0.03  Mon Jun 10 11:24 AEST 2002

 - No code changes, just moved some tests from to t/

0.02  Sun May 12 11:06:44 AEST 2002

 - Implemented support for MD5 hashing.  Requested by Allen Chen,
   patched by Chris Nandor.

 - Term::ReadLine isn't strictly necessary now, it will only be loaded
   when using the key() function.

0.01  Thu Jun  7 16:53:39 2001
 - original version; created by h2xs with options -XA -n Crypt::SKey