Revision history for Perl extension Cwd.

2.21  Tue Aug 31 22:50:14 CDT 2004

 - Removed "NO_META" from the Makefile.PL, since I'm not building the
   distribution with MakeMaker anyway.  [Rohan Carly]

 - Only test _perl_abs_path() on platforms where it's expected to work
   (platforms with '/' as the directory separator). [Craig A. Berry]

2.20  Thu Jul 22 08:23:53 CDT 2004

 - On some implementations of perl on Win32, a memory leak (or worse?)
   occurred when calling getdcwd().  This has been fixed. [PodMaster]

 - Added tests for getdcwd() on Win32.

 - Fixed a problem in the pure-perl implementation _perl_abs_path()
   that caused a fatal error when run on plain files. [Nicholas Clark]
   To exercise the appropriate test code on platforms that wouldn't
   otherwise use _perl_abs_path(), run the tests with $ENV{PERL_CORE}

2.19  Thu Jul 15 08:32:18 CDT 2004

 - The abs_path($arg) fix from 2.18 didn't work for VMS, now it's
   fixed there. [Craig Berry]

2.18  Thu Jun 24 08:22:57 CDT 2004

 - Fixed a problem in which abs_path($arg) on some platforms could
   only be called on directories, and died when called on files.  This
   was a problem in the pure-perl implementation _perl_abs_path().

 - Fixed fast_abs_path($arg) in the same way as abs_path($arg) above.

 - On Win32, a function getdcwd($vol) has been added, which gets the
   current working directory of the specified drive/volume.
   [Steve Hay]

 - Fixed a problem on perl 5.6.2 when built with the MULTIPLICITY
   compile-time flags. [Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes]

 - When looking for a `pwd` system command, we no longer assume the
   path separator is ':'.

 - On platforms where cwd() is implemented internally (like Win32),
   don't look for a `pwd` command externally.  This can greatly speed
   up load time.  [Stefan Scherer]

 - The pure-perl version of abs_path() now has the same prototype as
   the XS version (;$).

2.17  Wed Mar 10 07:55:36 CST 2004

 - The change in 2.16 created a testing failure when tested from
   within a path that contains symlinks (for instance, /tmp ->

2.16  Sat Mar  6 17:56:31 CST 2004

 - For VMS compatibility (and to conform to Cwd's documented
   interface), in the regression tests we now compare output results
   to an absolute path. [Craig A. Berry]

2.15  Fri Jan 16 08:09:44 CST 2004

 - Fixed a problem on static perl builds - while creating
   Makefile.aperl, it was loading a mismatched version of Cwd from
   blib/ . [Reported by Blair Zajac]

2.14  Thu Jan  8 18:51:08 CST 2004

 - We now use File::Spec->canonpath() and properly-escaped regular
   expressions when comparing paths in the regression tests.  This
   fixes some testing failures in 2.13 on non-Unix platforms.  No
   changes were made in the actual Cwd module code. [Steve Hay]

2.13  Fri Jan  2 22:29:42 CST 2004

 - Changed a '//' comment to a '/* */' comment in the XS code, so that
   it'll compile properly under ANSI C rules. [Jarkko Hietaniemi]

 - Fixed a 1-character buffer overrun problem in the C code. [The BSD

2.12  Fri Dec 19 17:04:52 CST 2003

 - Fixed a bug on Cygwin - the output of realpath() should have been
   tainted, but wasn't.  [Reported by Tom Wyant]

2.10  Mon Dec 15 07:50:12 CST 2003

 (Note that this release was mistakenly packaged as version 2.11, even
 though it had an internal $VERSION variable of 2.10.  Not sure how
 THAT happened...)

 - There was a dependency in the Makefile.PL on Module::Build, which
   isn't necessary.  I've removed it.

2.09  Thu Dec 11 20:30:58 CST 2003

 - The module should now build & install using version 5.6 of perl.

 - We now note a build-time dependency on version 0.19 of
   Module::Build, which is necessary because we don't use the standard
   lib/-based file layout.  No version of Module::Build is required if
   you use the Makefile.PL, just if you use the Build.PL .

 - Removed some gratuitous uses of 5.6-isms like our(), with the aim
   of backporting this module to perl 5.005.

 - Simplified all code that autoloads and calls

 - Removed some redundant OS/2 code at the suggestion of Michael
   Schwern and Ilya Zakharevich.

 - Make sure the correct version of is loaded in the regression
   tests. [Sam Vilain]

2.08  Wed Oct 15 20:56 CDT 2003

  - Code extracted from perl 5.8.1 and packaged as a separate CPAN
    release by Ken Williams.