Changes for version 0.85

  • A bug-fix release relative to 0.84. I've forked development into a "stable" branch (this one) and a more aggressive branch (as yet unreleased), with an eye toward getting the stable features in perl 5.8.1.
  • File::Spec::Mac->case_tolerant() returned 0 when it should have returned 1.
  • Many cases in File::Spec::Win32->abs2rel() were broken, because of the way in which volumes were/weren't ignored. Unfortunately, part of the regression tests were broken too. Now, if the $path argument to abs2rel() is on a different volume than the $base argument, the result will be an absolute path rather than the broken relative path previous versions returned.
  • Fixed a problem in File::Spec::Win32->canonpath, which was turning \../foo into "foo" rather than \foo
  • Greatly simplified the code in File::Spec::Unix->splitdir().

Changes for version 0.84_01

  • No actual code changes, just changes in other distribution files
  • Dependencies are now listed explicitly in the Makefile.PL and Build.PL scripts, as well as in the META.yml file.
  • The t/abs2rel2abs.t test should now be more friendly about skipping on platforms where it can't run properly.


portably perform operations on file names
methods for Cygwin file specs
methods for Epoc file specs
portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec for Mac OS (Classic)
methods for OS/2 file specs
File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules
methods for VMS file specs
methods for Win32 file specs