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Ken Williams
Cwd - get pathname of current working directory
File::Spec - portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Cygwin - methods for Cygwin file specs
File::Spec::Epoc - methods for Epoc file specs
File::Spec::Functions - portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Mac - File::Spec for Mac OS (Classic)
File::Spec::OS2 - methods for OS/2 file specs
File::Spec::Unix - File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules
File::Spec::VMS - methods for VMS file specs
File::Spec::Win32 - methods for Win32 file specs
Changes for version 3.13
    • Calling tmpdir() on Win32 had the unintended side-effect of storing some undef values in %INC for the TMPDIR, TEMP, and TMP entries if they didn't exist already. This is probably a bug in perl itself (submitted as #37441 on rt.perl.org), which we're now working around. [Thomas L. Shinnick]
    • Integrated a change from bleadperl - a certain #ifdef in Cwd.xs needs to apply to WIN32 but not WinCE. [Vadim Konovalov]
    • abs2rel() used to return the empty string when its two arguments were identical, which made no sense. Now it returns curdir(). [Spotted by David Golden]
    • The Unix and Win32 implementations of abs2rel() have been unified.

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