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Andy Wardley
okprof - utility script providing an interface to the Kite::Profile module.
okxml2ps - convert an XML kite part markup file to PostScript
Kite - collection of modules useful in Kite design and construction.
Kite::Base - base class module implementing common functionality
Kite::PScript::Defs - useful PostScript definitions for kite layout et al
Kite::Profile - represent and manipulate a 2d profile
Kite::XML2PS - reads an XML curve definition file and generates PostScript
Kite::XML::Node - base class for XML parser nodes
Kite::XML::Node::Kite - XML nodes to represent kite markup
Kite::XML::Parser - XML parser for kite related markup
Kite::XML::Node::Curve in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Layout in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Markup in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Outline in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Part in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Point in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm
Kite::XML::Node::Text in lib/Kite/XML/Node/Kite.pm

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