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Changes for version 2.40_1931

  • -Removed Bundle::Helios::RedHat. Ultimately, it didn't work any better (or worse) than using 'install Helios' command with the CPAN shell. Bundle::Helios::Generic seems to work well, however. -First official schema added. This schema is based on a schema created by the Oracle MySQL to Oracle schema conversion tool. It will probably need some tweaking to fit in with your organization's Oracle setup (grants, tablespaces, etc). -Changed getDriver() in Helios::Service and Helios::Logger to disable caching of the Data::ObjectDriver object. There were issues if the database connection experienced problems. This feature will probably reappear in a future release (after more testing).
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  • Helios::Tutorial - a tutorial for getting started with Helios
  • helios.pl - Launch a daemon to service jobs in the Helios job processing system
  • helios_job_submit.pl - Submit a job to the Helios job processing system from the cmd line
  • helios_log_clean.pl - Clean old log and history entries from the Helios database
  • submitJob.pl - CGI script to receive jobs for Helios via HTTP POST