Revision history for Perl module GraphViz.

2.02 Fri Jan  7 18:51:06 GMT 2005
	- remove dependencies on Graph and Math::Bezier
	- make GraphViz HTML-Like labels work (spotted by Patrice Dehais)
	- updated (including much documentation) to support newer additions
	  to the dot language (by Max Baker)
	- new test which tests the POD

2.01 Fri Sep 24 17:02:29 BST 2004
        - no longer *always* quote the label in add_node() in order to 
          let GraphViz::Data::Structure work again (sorry)

2.00 Wed Aug 25 16:30:53 BST 2004
        - thanks to Ron Savage, patched to work under systems
          which have an executable extension, such as Windows

1.9 Tue Aug 24 15:30:31 BST 2004
	- check for "dot" in the Makefile.PL instead of a test, as
	  suggested by Autrijus Tang
	- renamed Changes to CHANGES
	- clusters can now take attributes as a hashref, thanks to
	  patch from Richard A.Wells (see
	- fix docbug in GraphViz::Parse::Yapp (spotted by Mark Fowler)
	- better quoting (patch by Barrie Slaymaker)
	- document as_debug (suggested by Richard Clamp)

1.8 Sun Feb 23 09:15:14 GMT 2003
	- support for client-side image maps by Dan Boorstein

1.7 Sun Jan 19 21:55:14 GMT 2003
	- quote bgcolor so that HSV works

1.6 Sat Jan 18 15:47:26 GMT 2003
	- moved tests to Test::More
	- new test which checks if graphviz is installed
	- new 'layout' graph attribute to support twopi - you
	  may have to change your programs!
	- new bgcolor graph attribute (idea by Scott Murman)
	- labels named "graph" now work

1.5 Sun Jan 13 16:59:14 GMT 2002
	- updated code reference docs slightly
	- removed GraphViz::Remote as it was no longer working
	- new no_overlap graph attribute which tells the graph solver
	  to not overlap the nodes (idea by Chris Ball)
	- added patches by Barrie Slaymaker to make GraphViz
	  work under Win32!
	- this is the Flight 63 edition

1.4 Wed Oct  3 07:57:42 BST 2001
	- added new filehandle, scalar reference, and code reference
	  scheme to as_* to allow streaming of data, rather than
	  accumulating potentially very large output in memory (based
	  on patch by Dave Rolsky)
	- new pagewidth and pageheight graph attributes for creating
	  PostScript mosaics of large graphs (idea by Nelson Loyola)

1.3 Sun Aug 19 15:43:02 BST 2001
	- labels can now contain quotes
	- fixed bug: labels can now start with a number
	- fixed bug in Devel::GraphVizProf so that packages
	  are now grouped seperately (lines with the same text used to
	  be grouped together)
	- fixed undefined warning in GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent
	- increased coverage of tests
	- new 'rank' node attribute allows nodes to be ranked
          at the same level
	- make empty cluster names do nothing (patch by Barrie

1.2 Fri Aug 10 18:54:21 BST 2001
        - removed the images in the examples directory and added
          a file ( to, errr, make all the images
	- This is the HAL2001 edition

1.1 Tue Jul 24 23:54:42 BST 2001
	- added extra parameter to as_* to allow easy saving of
	  images: $graph->as_png("pretty.png")
	- added new GraphViz::Parse::Yapp module to visualise
	  Parse::Yapp grammars
	- added new GraphViz::Parse::Yacc module to visualise
	  Parse::Yacc grammars
	- This is the TPC5 edition

1.00 Thu Jun 14 15:10:28 BST 2001
	- finally released as version 1.00!
	- added a reference to brian d foy's DDJ article on
	- put the entire Perl regular expression test suite through
	  GraphViz::Regex and fixed all the bugs
        - no longer sort nodes by default (idea by Stephen Riehm),
          which makes graphs just work better. Not documented, do
          you want it to be?

0.14 Thu May  3 17:57:57 BST 2001
	- added support for InterpLit node in RecDescent grammars
	- added cumulative effect for node attributes (patch by Diego
	- changed the quoting rules again to make it easier to read
	  the dot files (idea by Diego Zamboni)
	- make add_edge() automatically add any nodes specified for
	  the edge that have not been previously added to stop the
	  Graph module complaining (patch by Diego Zamboni)
	- new 'node', 'edge', and 'graph' graph attributes to specify
	  global node, edge, and graph attributes (patch by Diego
	- removed t/regex.t and documented that GraphViz::Regex may
	  not work on various perls
	- added GraphViz::Regex_YAPE module, another way to graph
	  a regular expression

0.13 Mon Mar 19 19:31:18 GMT 2001
	- removed 'use warnings' as suggested by David Adler so we
          no longer require Perl 5.6
	- moved all modules into a new 'lib' directory (and updated
	  examples) so that Devel::GraphVizProf gets installed
	- new 'concentrate' graph attribute to merge edges in
	  cluttered directed graphs
	- new 'random_start' graph attribute, which requests an
	  initial random placement for the graph
	- new 'epsilon' graph attribute, which decides how long the
	  graph solver tries before finding a graph layout, requested
	  by Pierre-Yves Genot
	- an empty cluster now means not clustered
	- added GraphViz::Regex and example which visualises
	  a regular expression
	- now an award-winning module!

	- fixed bug in example
	- new rankdir graph attribute, which controls the direction
	  the nodes are linked together (patch by Mark Fowler)
	- new 'width' and 'height' graph attributes control the size
	  of the bounding box of the drawing in inches, requested by
	  Pierre-Yves Genot

0.11 Tue Mar  6 17:37:20 GMT 2001
	- rearranged module naming: Data::GraphViz ->
	  GraphViz::Data::Dumper, Parse::RecDescent::GraphViz ->
	  GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent, XML::GraphViz -> GraphViz::XML,
	- added GraphViz::Remote so that you do not need to install
	  the graphviz tools to use this module

0.10 Mon Mar  5 17:32:14 GMT 2001
	- now allow simple add_edge({$from => $to}) syntax
	  (idea by DJ Adams and Brian Ingerson)
	- much better documentation (especially on attributes)
	- new module Parse::RecDescent::GraphViz (and example) for
	  graphing Parse::RecDescent grammars (idea by Damian Conway)
	- new module XML::GraphViz (and example) for graphing XML
	- new module Data::GraphViz (and example) for graphing data
	- new example by Marcel Grunauer which graphs CPAN
	  tarball dependencies using ActiveState's package list (thanks
	  to Brian Ingerson too ;-)
	- new, better, testsuite
	- better quoting (especially in ports) to allow a greater range	
	  of characters
	- new undocumented (it may change) as_graph method, which
	  returns a graph object with the coordinates of nodes and edges

0.09 Fri Jan 12 15:50:17 GMT 2001
	- moved back to "dot" and "neato" from "dotneato"
	- now allow directed and undirected graphs
	- added GraphViz::No and GraphViz::Small subclasses
	  which aid in visualising the structure of large

0.08 Sun Dec  3 15:15:29 GMT 2000
	- minor patch to cope with DESTROY

0.07 Sun Oct  1 15:19:55 2000
	- new features: allows clusters and ports
	- includes the talk I gave on this at yapc::Europe 19100
	- many more examples (well, see the examples directory!),
	  including quite a few PNGs

0.06 Thu Aug 24 09:33:21 2000
	- better quoting of nodes and edges (they can now have 
	really wierd names)
	- new examples directory with "graphing subroutine
	cross-reference reports for Perl modules" and example graph to
	see what kind of things it can do

0.05 Wed Aug 18 13:12:25 2000
	- now use dotneato to layout the graphs and can now ouput in a
	variety of file formats

0.04 Wed Aug  9 16:14:35 2000
	- first released version