Tree::Ternary_XS is a Perl interface to a C implementation of ternary
search trees as described by Jon Bentley and Robert Sedgewick.
Ternary search trees are interesting data structures that provide a
means of storing and accessing strings. They combine the time
efficiency of digital tries with the space efficiency of binary search
trees. Unlike a hash, they also maintain information about relative

This module is an adaptation from the C implementation published in
Bentley and Sedgewick's article in the April 1998 issue of Dr. Dobb's
Journal (see SEE ALSO). This module attempts to recreate the interface
as much as possible of Mark Rogaski's Tree::Ternary, a pure Perl
implementation. As Tree::Ternary_XS uses C code, it has important
space and speed advantages over Tree::Ternary.


Tree::Ternary_XS hasn't been widely tested on architectures other than
Linux or on Perl versions other than 5.005_03. Have a go and tell me
how it went!


You install Tree::Ternary_XS, as you would install any Perl module
library, by running these commands:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make test     # Only if is installed
   make install

If you want to install a private copy of Tree::Ternary_XS in your home
directory, then you should try to produce the initial Makefile with
something like this command:

  perl Makefile.PL LIB=~/perl


POD-format documentation is included in POD is readable
with the 'perldoc' utility.


Questions, comments, bugfixes, flames, and other administrivia pertaining
to Tree::Ternary_XS should be sent to me at