Revision history for Net-STOMP-Client:

2.5	Thu Oct 14 2021
	* Fixed Makefile.PL (PREREQ_PM).

2.4	Wed Oct 13 2021
	* Fixed the timeout documentation (RT#124655).

2.3	Tue Jan 31 2017
	* Allow underscores in failover URIs (RT#119869).

2.2	Thu Nov 28 2013
	* Fixed failover parsing (RT#87025).
	* Improved virtual host documentation in the tutorial (RT#90069).

2.1	Wed Jun  5 2013
	* Now preserving $@ in object destructor.
	* Fixed Net::STOMP::Client::Auth import bug.

2.0	Fri Dec 14 2012
	* Major code refactoring, see README.2.x for more information.
	* Cleanup code to please Perl::Critic.
	* Removed support for blocking I/O, only non-blocking I/O is supported.
	* Now using the No::Worries and Params::Validate modules from CPAN.
	* Added STOMP 1.2 support.
	* Added the queue_message() and send_message() methods for convenience.
	* Added optional authentication support via Authen::Credential.
	* Promoted to 2.0 after successful testing.

1.8	Thu Sep 27 2012
	* Ignore I/O errors after we have successfully sent the DISCONNECT frame.
	* Added support for non-blocking I/O, this is now the default I/O mode.

1.7	Mon Jul  2 2012
	* Improved SSL support by handling situations where select()
	  claims that there is nothing to read although there is.

1.6	Mon Jun 25 2012
	* Net::STOMP::Client::Frame: minor encoding speed improvements.
	* Net::STOMP::Client: the disconnect() method now handles receipts.
	* Preserve $@ when calling Encode::encode() or Encode::decode().

1.5	Tue Feb 28 2012
	* Improved the documentation wrt failover support id (RT#74738).
	* Added a server() method to access the CONNECTED frame's server header.

1.4	Fri Jan 27 2012
	* Improved the documentation wrt subscription id (RT#73060).
	* Improved ActiveMQ failover URI support.

1.3	Wed Nov 23 2011
	* Fixed our use of isa() (RT#71520).
	* Added support for Messaging::Message (this module is optional).
	* Improved error handling.

1.2	Tue Sep 27 2011
	* Net::STOMP::Client::Frame: the frame parsing, decoding and encoding
	  code is now documented and can be used outside of this module.
	* Improved frame debugging to really show what has been sent/received.
	* Net::STOMP::Client::Frame: removed the debug() method.
	* Fixed typo (RT#69417).
	* Improved session id handling in cases where the session header is
	  missing from the CONNECTED frame (it is optional wrt the spec).
	* Net::STOMP::Client: the send() method can now take a body reference.

1.1	Fri Jun 24 2011
	* Net::STOMP::Client::Frame: added a body_reference() method
	  to avoid string copies when manipulating large bodies.
	* Greatly improved the overall performance (~4 times faster),
	  mainly by reducing string copies, improving frame parsing
	  and minimizing syscalls in the I/O layer.
	* Added several methods to Net::STOMP::Client to get better
	  performance, see the "EFFICIENT I/O" section of the tutorial.

1.0	Tue May 10 2011
	* Promoted to 1.0 after successful testing.
	* The API is now stable.
	* The module $VERSION variables now contain the package version

0.9.7	Tue May  3 2011
	* Fixed spurious test errors.
	* Documented how to get strict STOMP 1.1 compliance.

0.9.6	Mon Apr  4 2011
	* Added headers backslash escaping for STOMP 1.1.
	* Added some example scripts in the "eg" directory.
	* Finished STOMP 1.1 support according to final specification.
	* Improved frame checking.
	* Added a socket() method giving access to the socket used.
	* Added support for frame body printing while debugging.

0.9.5	Fri Dec 17 2010
	* Made login and passcode optional in the CONNECT frame.
	* Net::STOMP::Client->wait_for_frames() now uses a high-res timer.
	* Added Net::STOMP::Client::Tutorial.
	* Improved STOMP 1.1 support to match the latest draft specification.

0.9.4	Wed Oct  6 2010
	* Added STOMP 1.1 support (experimental).
	* Changed encoding handling in Net::STOMP::Client::Frame to be
	  compatible with STOMP 1.1
	* Added Net::STOMP::Client::Peer to keep track of peer information.
	* Added Net::STOMP::Client::Protocol to isolate protocol information.
	* Added more tests, some optionally using a broker connection.
	* Improved the documentation.

0.9.3	Tue Jul 20 2010
	* Rewrote the I/O layer to make it more robust.

0.9.2	Mon Jun  7 2010
	* The timeout option now allows the control of different operations
	  (such as waiting for the initial CONNECTED frame or waiting to
	  be able to send an outgoing frame) independently.
	* Added some UTF-8 support, see the Net::STOMP::Client::Frame
	  module documentation for more information.

0.9.1	Tue Jun  1 2010
	* Now performs a better socket cleanup when disconnecting.
	* Net::STOMP::Client->wait_for_frames() now handles more precisely
	  the timeout option: if integer, it should wait for at least this
	  number of seconds and should not block for more than this number
	  of seconds plus one.
	* All STOMP methods now support a timeout option that specifies the
	  maximum time that can be used to send the frame.

0.9	Mon Mar 29 2010
	* Net::STOMP::Client::Frame is now less strict about header names.
	* Net::STOMP::Client->new() now uses its timeout option to set the
	  IO::Socket::INET Timeout option (unless it already exists).

0.8	Mon Mar  1 2010
	* This module has been initially released on CPAN as Net::STOMP
	  but has later been renamed to Net::STOMP::Client to avoid a
	  naming conflict.