This directory contains two sample programs showing how to send and receive
messages using Net::STOMP::Client. They use environment variables to get
their configuration information.

Here is for instance how to configure them for a remote broker with a guest
account (assuming a Bourne shell):

  $ export STOMP_HOST=test-broker
  $ export STOMP_USER=guest
  $ export STOMP_PASSWORD=guest

Running the listener:

  $ ./listener 
  connected to using STOMP 1.0
  subscribed to /topic/event

The listener now hangs, waiting for messages.

Running the publisher:

  $ ./publisher 
  connected to using STOMP 1.0
  sent 10000 messages in 2.273 seconds

The publisher sends a final message telling the listener to stop.
The listener now reports:

  received 10001 messages in 6.259 seconds