$Header: /cvsroot/unac/Text-Unaccent/README,v 1.9 2004/10/17 19:00:36 loic Exp $

What is it ?

Text::Unaccent is a module that provides functions to remove accents
from a string.  For instance the string été will become ete.  The
charset of the input string is specified as an argument. The input is
converted to UTF-16 using iconv(3), accents are stripped and the
result is converted back to the original charset. The iconv -l
command on GNU/Linux will show all charset supported.

Text-Unaccent-1.08 has the same unac.[ch] files than unac-1.8.0

Where is the documentation ?

Try man Text::Unaccent

How to install it ?

For OS that are not GNU/Linux we recommend to use the iconv library
provided by Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org> at

perl Makefile.PL

make all

make test

make install

A simple example

use Text::Unaccent;

unac_string("ISO-8859-1", "été") => "ete"

Where can I download it ?

The main distribution site is http://gna.org/projects/unac/

It does not work, what can I do ?

Isolate the problem, run a test case with unac_debug(UNAC_DEBUG_HIGH)
and report the result to unac-devel@mail.freesoftware.fsf.org. If you
feel like fixing the problem yourself, use the C library package
located at http://www.senga.org/unac/. The unac.[ch] files are copied
from the C library package but the tools used to generate part of
their content (the translation tables) are missing in the Perl

Loic Dachary