Lincoln D. Stein

Changes for version 2.40

  • Quash a few uninitialized variable warnings when bringing up track configuration dialog.
  • Fix inability to toggle visibility & favorite status of plugin tracks from the track titlebar.
  • Added caching of inverted configuration file data structure to speed up track rendering on really huge configuration files with many stanzas. Cache structure is stored in /tmp/bio_graphics_ff_cache_$UID
  • Add ability to save and restore named snapshots of current state.
  • Changed behavior of render slave to a prefork model. Activate by including PREFORK=5 (or other desired number of servers) in /etc/default/gbrowse-slave.
  • Added support script for Amazon cloud image: creates slave instances for AMI ami-c6ca31af.
  • Change default tmpfile location to /var/tmp/gbrowse2 (was /tmp/gbrowse2).
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