Lincoln D. Stein

Changes for version 2.44

  • Modest performance improvements when rendering multiple tracks.
  • Set absolute cap of 5000 features per track to avoid performance issues on NGS data. This cap can be changed by setting "maximum features" in the [GENERAL] section. Set to 0 to return to unlimited behavior.
  • Imagemap is now generated in such a way that time-consuming callbacks are only executed when mouse hovers or clicks on the feature. This noticeably speeds up track generation time. Drawback is that this increases the delay before balloon pops up on the hover operation when run in cgi-bin mode (still fast in FastCGI mode). Restore original behavior by setting "inline imagemaps" (or "inline imagemap") to true in [TRACK DEFAULTS] or individual track definitions.
  • Can now close tracks from main view even when corresponding track checkbox not showing in the track listing.
  • Default to flock locking instead of NFS locking; the former seems to be faster.
  • Enable shared session locking to improve performance.
  • Fix bad database pathnames in yeast configuration file examples.
  • Fix track finder plugin to avoid annoying extra refresh after leaving text entry field.
  • Fix broken sorting of subtracks.
  • Improve dynamic range of wiggle tracks.
  • mod_perl is no longer supported due to unfixable issues with zombie processes.
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