This is HTTPD-User-Manage version, a script and set of Perl modules
for managing access control with the Apache, NCSA httpd, CERN and
Netscape servers (and maybe some others).

You can install this program as a CGI script to allow remote users to
change their Web access passwords.  Web administrators can use it to
remotely add, edit and delete users and their groups.  You can also
use it from the command line as a nice all-in-one interface to access
control databases based on text files, DBM files, and SQL databases.

Please see the file user_manage.html for complete details.

Lincoln Stein

NOTE: 6/2/02: Some versions of Perl 5.6.1 running under RedHat are
core dumping on test number 03.dbm.  The problem seems to involve the
NDBM_File library, but I have not been able to track it down.  If you
encounter this problem, the best compromise would be to use the
DB_File implementation instead.