Revision history for Perl extension Netgear::WGT624.

0.04 Thu May 11 21:02:29 EDT 2006
	- Changed the previous driver file from get-wgt624-statistics
	  to get-wgt624-status for the sake of warding off carpal tunnel
	  as much as possible.
	- Changed method getStatistic to getStatus in to be 
	  similar to other naming changes in program.
	- Improved documentation and made terms of licensing more visible.
	- Turned some methods that should have been private into closures

0.03 Thu May 11 15:11:39 2006
	- Adds better functionality for Windows systems.
	- More test cases and robustness for router addresses
	  in different formats.	

0.02 No date information entered.
	- Change information not entered.

0.01  Sun Mar 26 17:08:45 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X -n Netgear::WGT624