Mon Mar  7 09:46:51 CST 2016

Add diag to dump output for dealing with CPAN Testers output.

Sun Jan 17 14:02:24 CST 2016    v0.3.2

Add sanity check w/ nastygram into import.

Warning if stale output not unlinked.

Should (?) gracefully handle un-usable ldd. 

Sun Jan 10 14:22:10 CST 2016    v0.3.1

Remember to add the leading 'v' to 0.3.1.
POD nits.
Test cleanups.
Say output path to stderr when output produced.

Sun Jan 10 13:50:16 CST 2016    0.3.0

Use $^X to dispatch executable during tests.

Still need to find out what ldd on BSD doesn't like.

Sat Dec 19 11:43:40 CST 2015    0.2.0

Add environment variable for output path, tests for 
using env var.

Fri Dec 18 19:39:46 CST 2015    0.1.0

Initial release.