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   use WordPress::Post;

   my $o= WordPress::Post->new ({ 
      proxy => 'http://this/xmlrpc.php', 
      username => 'lou', 
      password => '2342ss' 

      title => 'My Vacation Plans',
      description => 'Jump around. Sleep.',      


The module WordPress did not work for me. This one works.

It lets you post to a wordpress blog/site.

A script is included with this distribution, wppost. It allows you to post content via the command line. You can also have picture attachments.



Argument is hash ref. Keys are 'proxy', 'username', and 'password'.

   my $o= new WordPress::Base ({ 
      proxy => 'http://this/xmlrpc.php', 
      username => 'lou', 
      password => '2342ss' 

Method resides in WordPress::Base.


Argument is hash ref. This is the 'struct' referred to in xmlrpc.

Possible keys are:

   title - string
   description - body of your post, string
   mt_excerpt - string
   mt_text_more - boolean?
   mt_allow_comments - boolean?
   mt_allow_pings - boolean?
   mt_tb_ping_urls - boolean?
   dateCreated - cant figure out the right string
   categories - array ref

Example use:

      title       => 'This is what happened',
      description => 'Morning is when I wake up.',
      categories  => ['life','sleep'],

Returns post id. This is useful if you want to know how to reach it via the web right away. For example if your address for the wordpress blog is, then a post returning id '3' would be reached via


Argument is abs path to file you want to post. Returns url via which the file can be reached.

This is useful in building more complex posts, with attachments, etc.


This module is in infancy. It works for me, and well.

I need to figure out how to determine the date, dateCreated strings such as 2006-12-31 fail, I also tried '2006-12-31 12:00:00', still fails.

Please contact the AUTHOR for any issues.


Leo Charre leocharre at cpan dot org




To test I suggest you download the package and test it out by hand.

For testing you will need to have a word press blog set up. You must also know the proxy address, a username and password.