Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant - access values of color constants


    use Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant qw/:all/;
    my @names = Graphics:..:Constant::all_names();
    my @rgb  = rgb_from_name('darkblue');
    my @hsl  = hsl_from_name('darkblue');
    Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Value::add_rgb('lucky', [0, 100, 50]);


RGB and HSL values of named colors from the X11, HTML(CSS), SVG standard and Pantone report. Allows also nearby search, reverse search and storage (not permanent) of additional names. One color may have multiple names. Own colors can be (none permanently) stored for later reference by name. For this a name has to be chosen, that is not already taken. The corresponding color may be defined by an RGB or HSL triplet.

No so symbol is imported by default. The sub symbols: rgb_from_name, hsl_from_name, name_from_rgb, name_from_hsl may be importad individually or by:

    use Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant qw/:all/;



Red, Green and Blue value of the named color. These values are integer in 0 .. 255.

    my @rgb = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::rgb_from_name('darkblue');
    @rgb = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::rgb_from_name('dark_blue'); # same result
    @rgb = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::rgb_from_name('DarkBlue');  # still same


Hue, saturation and lightness of the named color. These are integer between 0 .. 359 (hue) or 100 (sat. & light.). A hue of 360 and 0 (degree in a cylindrical coordinate system) is considered to be the same, this modul deals only with the ladder.

    my @hsl = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::hsl_from_name('darkblue');


Returns name of color with given rgb value triplet. Returns empty string if color is not stored. When several names define given color, the shortest name will be selected in scalar context. In array context all names are given.

    say Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::name_from_rgb( 15, 10, 121 );  # 'darkblue'
    say Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::name_from_rgb([15, 10, 121]);  # works too


Returns name of color with given hsl value triplet. Returns empty string if color is not stored. When several names define given color, the shortest name will be selected in scalar context. In array context all names are given.

    say scalar Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::name_from_hsl( 0, 100, 50 );  # 'red'
    scalar Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::name_from_hsl([0, 100, 50]);  # works too
    say for Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::name_from_hsl( 0, 100, 50 ); # 'red', 'red1'


Color names in selected neighbourhood of hsl color space, that look similar. It requires two arguments. The first one is an array containing three values (hue, saturation and lightness), that define the center of the neighbourhood (searched area).

The second argument can either be a number or again an array with three values (h,s and l). If its just a number, it will be the radius r of a ball, that defines the neighbourhood. From all colors inside that ball, that are equal distanced or nearer to the center than r, one name will returned.

If the second argument is an array, it has to contain the tolerance (allowed distance) in h, s and l direction. Please note the h dimension is circular: the distance from 355 to 0 is 5. The s and l dimensions are linear, so that a center value of 90 and a tolerance of 15 will result in a search of in the range 75 .. 100.

The results contains only one name per color (the shortest).

    # all bright red'ish clors
    my @names = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::names_in_hsl_range([0, 90, 50], 5);
    # approximates to : 
    my @names = Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::names_in_hsl_range([0, 90, 50],[ 3, 3, 3]);


A sorted list of all stored color names.


A perlish pseudo boolean tells if the color name is already in use.


Adding a color to the store under an not taken (not already used) name. Arguments are name, red, green and blue value (integer < 256, see rgb).

    Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::add_rgb('nightblue',  15, 10, 121 );
    Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::add_rgb('nightblue', [15, 10, 121]);


Adding a color to the store under an not taken (not already used) name. Arguments are name, hue, saturation and lightness value (see hsl).

    Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::add_rgb('lucky',  0, 100, 50 );
    Graphics::Toolkit::Color::Constant::add_rgb('lucky', [0, 100, 50]);


white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, peach, plum, mauve, brown, grey

aliceblue, antiquewhite, antiquewhite1, antiquewhite2, antiquewhite3, antiquewhite4, aqua, aquamarine, aquamarine1, aquamarine2, aquamarine3, aquamarine4, azure, azure1, azure2, azure3, azure4, beige, bisque, bisque1, bisque2, bisque3, bisque4, blanchedalmond, blue1, blue2, blue3, blue4, blueviolet, brown1, brown2, brown3, brown4, burlywood, burlywood1, burlywood2, burlywood3, burlywood4, cadetblue, cadetblue1, cadetblue2, cadetblue3, cadetblue4, chartreuse, chartreuse1, chartreuse2, chartreuse3, chartreuse4, chocolate, chocolate1, chocolate2, chocolate3, chocolate4, coral, coral1, coral2, coral3, coral4, cornflowerblue, cornsilk, cornsilk1, cornsilk2, cornsilk3, cornsilk4, crimson, cyan, cyan1, cyan2, cyan3, cyan4, darkblue, darkcyan, darkgoldenrod, darkgoldenrod1, darkgoldenrod2, darkgoldenrod3, darkgoldenrod4, darkgray, darkgreen, darkkhaki, darkmagenta, darkolivegreen, darkolivegreen1, darkolivegreen2, darkolivegreen3, darkolivegreen4, darkorange, darkorange1, darkorange2, darkorange3, darkorange4, darkorchid, darkorchid1, darkorchid2, darkorchid3, darkorchid4, darkred, darksalmon, darkseagreen, darkseagreen1, darkseagreen2, darkseagreen3, darkseagreen4, darkslateblue, darkslategray, darkslategray1, darkslategray2, darkslategray3, darkslategray4, darkturquoise, darkviolet, deeppink, deeppink1, deeppink2, deeppink3, deeppink4, deepskyblue, deepskyblue1, deepskyblue2, deepskyblue3, deepskyblue4, dimgray, dodgerblue, dodgerblue1, dodgerblue2, dodgerblue3, dodgerblue4, firebrick, firebrick1, firebrick2, firebrick3, firebrick4, floralwhite, forestgreen, fuchsia, gainsboro, ghostwhite, gold, gold1, gold2, gold3, gold4, goldenrod, goldenrod1, goldenrod2, goldenrod3, goldenrod4, gray, gray1, gray2, gray3, gray4, gray5, gray6, gray7, gray8, gray9, gray10, gray11, gray12, gray13, gray14, gray15, gray16, gray17, gray18, gray19, gray20, gray21, gray22, gray23, gray24, gray25, gray26, gray27, gray28, gray29, gray30, gray31, gray32, gray33, gray34, gray35, gray36, gray37, gray38, gray39, gray40, gray41, gray42, gray43, gray44, gray45, gray46, gray47, gray48, gray49, gray50, gray51, gray52, gray53, gray54, gray55, gray56, gray57, gray58, gray59, gray60, gray61, gray62, gray63, gray64, gray65, gray66, gray67, gay68, gray69, gray70, gray71, gray72, gray73, gray74, gray75, gray76, gray77, gray78, gray79, gray80, gray81, gray82, gray83, gray84, gray85, gray86, gray87, gray88, gray89, gray90, gray91, gray92, gray93, gray94, gray95, gray97, gray98, gray99, green1, green2, green3, green4, greenyellow, grey1, grey2, grey3, grey4, honeydew, honeydew1, honeydew2, honeydew3, honeydew4, hotpink, hotpink1, hotpink2, hotpink3, hotpink4, indianred, indianred1, indianred2, indianred3, indianred4, indigo, ivory, ivory1, ivory2, ivory3, ivory4, khaki, khaki1, khaki2, khaki3, khaki4, lavender, lavenderblush, lavenderblush1, lavenderblush2, lavenderblush3, lavenderblush4, lawngreen, lemonchiffon, lemonchiffon1, lemonchiffon2, lemonchiffon3, lemonchiffon4, light, lightblue, lightblue1, lightblue2, lightblue3,lightblue4, lightcoral, lightcyan, lightcyan1, lightcyan2, lightcyan3, lightcyan4, lightgoldenrod, lightgoldenrod1, lightgoldenrod2, lightgoldenrod3, lightgoldenrod4, lightgray, lightgreen, lightpink, lightpink1, lightpink2, lightpink3, lightpink4, lightpurple, lightsalmon, lightsalmon1, lightsalmon2, lightsalmon3, lightsalmon4, lightseagreen, lightskyblue, lightskyblue1, lightskyblue2, lightskyblue3, lightskyblue4, lightslateblue, lightslategray, lightsteelblue, lightsteelblue1, lightsteelblue2, lightsteelblue3, lightsteelblue4, lightyellow, lightyellow1, lightyellow2, lightyellow3, lightyellow4, lime, limegreen, linen, magenta, magenta1, magenta2, magenta3, magenta4, maroon, maroon1, maroon2, maroon3, maroon4, medium, mediumaquamarine, mediumblue, mediumorchid, mediumorchid1, mediumorchid2, mediumorchid3, mediumorchid4, mediumpurple, mediumpurple1, mediumpurple2, mediumpurple3, mediumpurple4, mediumseagreen, mediumslateblue, mediumspringgreen, mediumturquoise, mediumvioletred, midnightblue, mintcream, mistyrose, mistyrose1, mistyrose2, mistyrose3, mistyrose4, moccasin, navajowhite, navajowhite1, navajowhite2, navajowhite3, navajowhite4, navy, navyblue, oldlace, olive, olivedrab, olivedrab1, olivedrab2, olivedrab3, olivedrab4, orange, orange1, orange2, orange3, orange4, orangered, orangered1, orangered2, orangered3, orangered4, orchid, orchid1, orchid2, orchid3, orchid4, pale, palegoldenrod, palegreen, palegreen1, palegreen2, palegreen3, palegreen4, paleturquoise, paleturquoise1, paleturquoise2, paleturquoise3, paleturquoise4, palevioletred, palevioletred1, palevioletred2, palevioletred3, palevioletred4, papayawhip, peachpuff, peachpuff1, peachpuff2, peachpuff3, peachpuff4, peru, pink1, pink2, pink3, pink4, plum1, plum2, plum3, plum4, powderblue, purple1, purple2, purple3, purple4, rebeccapurple, red1, red2, red3, red4, rosybrown, rosybrown1, rosybrown2, rosybrown3, rosybrown4, royalblue, royalblue1, royalblue2, royalblue3, royalblue4, saddlebrown, salmon, salmon1, salmon2, salmon3, salmon4, sandybrown, seagreen, seagreen1, seagreen2, seagreen3, seagreen4, seashell, seashell1, seashell2, seashell3, seashell4, sienna, sienna1, sienna2, sienna3, sienna4, silver, skyblue, skyblue1, skyblue2, skyblue3, skyblue4, slateblue, slateblue1, slateblue2, slateblue3, slateblue4, slategray, slategray1, slategray2, slategray3, slategray4, snow, snow1, snow2, snow3, snow4, springgreen, springgreen1, springgreen2, springgreen3, springgreen4, steelblue, steelblue1, steelblue2, steelblue3, steelblue4, tan, tan1, tan2, tan3, tan4, teal, thistle, thistle1, thistle2, thistle3, thistle4, tomato, tomato1, tomato2, tomato3, tomato4, turquoise, turquoise1, turquoise2, turquoise3, turquoise4, violet, violetred, violetred1, violetred2, violetred3, violetred4, wheat, wheat1, wheat2, wheat3, wheat4, whitesmoke, yellow1, yellow2, yellow3, yellow4, yellowgreen

marsala, radiandorchid, emerald, tangerinetango, honeysucle, turquoise, mimosa, blueizis, chilipepper, sanddollar, blueturquoise, tigerlily, aquasky, truered, fuchsiarose, ceruleanblue, rosequartz, peachecho, serenity, snorkelblue, limpetshell, lilacgrey, icedcoffee, fiesta, buttercup, greenflash, riverside, airyblue, sharkskin, aurorared, warmtaupe, dustycedar, lushmeadow, spicymustard, pottersclay, bodacious, greenery, niagara, primroseyellow, lapisblue, flame, islandparadise, paledogwood, pinkyarrow, kale, hazelnut, grenadine, balletslipper, butterum, navypeony, neutralgray, shadedspruce, goldenlime, marina, autumnmaple, meadowlark, cherrytomato, littleboyblue, chilioil, pinklavender, bloomingdahlia, arcadia, ultraviolet, emperador, almostmauve, springcrocus, sailorblue, harbormist, warmsand, coconutmilk, redpear, valiantpoppy, nebulasblue, ceylonyellow, martiniolive, russetorange, crocuspetal, limelight, quetzalgreen, sargassosea, tofu, almondbuff, quietgray, meerkat, fiesta, jesterred, turmeric, livingcoral, pinkpeacock, pepperstem, aspengold, princessblue, toffee, mangomojito, terrariummoss, sweetlilac, soybean, eclipse, sweetcorn, browngranite, chilipepper, bikingred, peachpink, rockyroad, fruitdove, sugaralmond, darkcheddar, galaxyblue, bluestone, orangetiger, eden, vanillacustard, eveningblue, paloma, guacamole, flamescarlet, saffron, biscaygreen, chive, fadeddenim, orangepeel, mosaicblue, sunlight, coralpink, grapecompote, lark, navyblazer, brilliantwhite, ash, amberglow, samba, sandstone, classicblue, greensheen, rosetan, ultramarinegreen, firedbrick, peachnougat, magentapurple, marigold, cerulean, rust, illuminating, frenchblue, greenash, burntcoral, mint, amethystorchid, raspberrysorbet, inkwell, ultimategray, buttercream, desertmist, willow

color table 1 color table 2 color table 3 color table 4




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