1.01 2022-11-18 lichtkind
    * = switch to dzil
    * ? better description
    * ? deleted obsolete POD
    * & added contributing file
    * & adapted my usual dist.ini
    * & adapted my usual github readme
    * & drop manifest tests

1.0     3. december
        doc fixes

0.991   17.july
        accepting also selfderived widget classes
        dummy UNTIE method
        more precise error messages when attempt to tie all sorts of things

0.99    11.july
        changing internal API, own callback now replace the default ones completely

0.98    7.july
        fixing all the visible quirks in tgz and META.yml that introduced
        by release tools with 0.91, 0.95, 0.96, 0.97, 0.98

0.9     6.july
        added warn_mode mode so program hasn't to die,
        when not trying to tie a none widget

0.8     5.july
        alternative shortcut key for the widgetref ('w')
        test for that
        typos in the doc

0.7     5.july
        $tref->DESTROY doesn't crash anymore
        tests for internal access
        refined docs

0.6     5.july
        made code a bit clearer (and longer) named key 'w' => 'widget'
        inherit with @ISA (faster) not base
        setter don't allow references as input (has no useful effect, makes things just ugly)
        added a test if teference to tie is a nine widget wx class
        test perl version

0.5     31.May
        check if a wx widget is a widget (inherits from Wx::Window)
        better error message in case it can't tie
        use base instead @ISA (parent is still too fresh)
        real tests! , wrote t/01-run.t and deleted boilerpate.t
        docs for the internal API

0.2     30. May
        check if a wx widget ref can GetValue and SetValue
        add Wx as dependency
        reworked META.yml

0.01__2 added META.yml and fixed spacing in doc

0.01__1 29. May 2011
        initial draft, started as idea during Linuxtag Berlin 2 weeks ago
        run Module::Starter