Revision history for Perl module HTML::Clean
0.8  Tue Sep  5 08:02:05 PDT 2000

	- Fix dequote regex to be stricter.  Make sure quote/double quote
	  match, only use alpha as the paramater name. Reported by
          Renzo Tomà.

	- Removed regexes for removing space within tags and border=0 case. 
	  This Causes text in attributes to fail, and table borders get
	  messed up on IE. Reported by Gregory Stark.

	- Fix for improper parsing of emptytags from Jens Quade.
	- Fix from Tobias Weber to clean javascript

0.7  Sat Apr 24 03:04:45 MET DST 1999

	- Add missing 'hairy.html' file to fix broken test cases.

	- Add alt="" items to images without alt tags.

	- Apply same compatibility option to Verdana and Futura font.

0.6  Fri Apr 23 14:03:30 MET DST 1999 

	- Now removes whitespace from within tags, like this:
	   <table  > becomes <table>

	- Do a second pass at whitespace removal

        - Remove some default elements from specific tags
          border=0 from table, method=get from forms, etc.

	- Remove default port 80 from URLs

        - New option, lowercasetags to make all tags lowercase.
	  Quantitative testing shows that this improves compressibility,
	  it should make pages download faster over modems with compression
	  turned on.

	- Expanded tests.  Use lynx to quickly see if the changed HTML
	  'looks' correct.

0.5  Mon Feb 22 13:12:32 MET 1999 

	- Now removes empty tag sets.  For instance <i><b></b></i> is now
          eliminated. (From Philippe Verdret)

	- Cleans up excess space in inline javascript functions.  Does
          a better job of removing javascript comments. (idea from 
          Phillippe Verdret)

	- Added a larger list of default color names to replace.

0.4  Mon Jan 18 15:10:35 MET 1999 
	- Bug Fix: use upper case filehandle names (from numerous people..)

	- Enabled level and options (patch from Mike Heins)
	  strip() function changed.  No longer accepts level param.
          htmlclean shell script takes -1 .. -9 as command line options.

	- Clean up HTML colors, replace with shorter text names.

          For example, bgcolor="#ffffff" -> bgcolor=white

	- When using the iso-8859-1 charset remap character entities
	  like &Eacute; to the eight bit equivalent.

	- More documentation

0.3  Mon Jan 11 14:05:15 MET 1999        
	- Fixed serious htmlclean script bug.
	- Added a little more documentation.

0.2  Tue Dec 29 10:13:16 MET 1998 
        - expanded number of strip options
	- First CPAN release..

0.1  Fri Apr 17 13:42:11 1998
	- original version