What is it ?

This project was started by 9h37 SAS

lemonldap-ng-cli is a command line tool to configure LemonLDAP::NG from the command line. Make you able to deploy your web application faster and easier.


To be written

How to use

Set/get variables in the configuration:

lemonldap-ng-cli set <variable> <value> lemonldap-ng-cli unset <variable> lemonldap-ng-cli get <variable>

Define macros:

lemonldap-ng-cli set-macro <macro name> <perl expression> lemonldap-ng-cli unset-macro <macro name> lemonldap-ng-cli get-macro <macro name>

Modify application list:

``` lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-cat lemonldap-ng-cli apps-get-cat

lemonldap-ng-cli apps-add lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-uri lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-name lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-desc lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-logo lemonldap-ng-cli apps-set-display

lemonldap-ng-cli apps-get lemonldap-ng-cli apps-rm ```

Manage rules:

lemonldap-ng-cli rules-set <virtual host> <expr> <rule> lemonldap-ng-cli rules-unset <virtual host> <expr> lemonldap-ng-cli rules-get <virtual host>

Manage exported variables:

lemonldap-ng-cli export-var <key> <value> lemonldap-ng-cli unexport-var <key> lemonldap-ng-cli get-exported-vars

Manage exported headers:

lemonldap-ng-cli export-header <virtual host> <HTTP header> <perl expression> lemonldap-ng-cli unexport-header <virtual host> <HTTP header> lemonldap-ng-cli get-exported-headers <virtual host>

Manage virtual hosts:

lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-add <virtual host uri> lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-del <virtual host> lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-set-port <virtual host> <port> lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-set-https <virtual host> <value> lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-set-maintenance <virtual host> <value> lemonldap-ng-cli vhost-list

Global Storage:

lemonldap-ng-cli global-storage lemonldap-ng-cli global-storage-set-dir <path> lemonldap-ng-cli global-storage-set-lockdir <path>

Reload URLs:

lemonldap-ng-cli reload-urls lemonldap-ng-cli reload-url-add <vhost> <url> lemonldap-ng-cli reload-url-del <vhost>