0.15 	9 November 2019

0.14 	19 September 2010
	Fixed problem in test-suite.  Apparently newer Test::Harness versions
	dont't really cope that well with testing inside threads.  Apparently
	tghe previous version never made it to CPAN.  :-(

0.13    3 October 2007
	Hopefully fixed test-suite for none thread enabled Perls.  Updated
	to use new VERSION feature of Devel::Required.

	28 January 2004
	Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.12    28 December 2003
        Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

	Added dependency to load.pm, it was missing!

0.11	9 November 2003
	Increased dependency on Thread::Conveyor to 0.15 because of problem
	fix for 5.8.2.

0.10	11 August 2003
	Cleaned up Makefile.PL and updated copyright.  Made sure the tests
	run with warnings and on 5.8.1.  Increased dependency on
	Thread::Conveyor to 0.14.

0.09	29 September 2002
	Use "load.pm" instead of AutoLoader.  Increased dependency on
	Thread::Conveyor to 0.13, which also uses "load.pm".

        Removed "our" from $VERSION, should shave off some bytes in
        memory usage, as found from testing with Benchmark::Thread::Size.

0.08	30 August 2002
	Changed all modules to use AutoLoader to defer loading of necessary
	subroutines to when they are actually needed.  This should save
	memory and CPU for larger programs, or with large numbers of threads.
	The test-suite only marginally takes more memory and uses less CPU:
	overhead of compiling is levelled out with the overhead of cloning
	pre-compiled routines.

0.07	27 August 2002
	Added support for checkpoint routine with the "checkpoint" and
	"frequency" fields and the "frequency" method.  Added test-suite
	and documentation for it.

0.06	20 August 2002
	No actual changes to the code, just an upgrade to require the newly
	fixed Thread::Conveyor 0.08 version.

0.05	13 August 2002
	Checked compatibility with Thread::Conveyor 0.06.  It is.

	7 August 2002
	Fixed problem in test-suite cause by some thread inertia that did
	not show up on my own sllow development machine.

0.04	7 August 2002
	Added "private" default optimization setting, instead of the one
	from Thread::Conveyor.

	6 August 2002
	Fixed problem in shutdown which would cause deadlocks when using
	belts optimized for memory.

	5 August 2002
	Added many more test-cases to the test-suite.

	Added DESTROY method and clone sensing logic, because a shutdown
	method is now available.

	Added method "shutdown" for an orderly shutdown of the monitoring
	thread.  You should now not call method "put" with the exit value
	anymore.  Instead you should call method "shutdown".

	Added method "tid" to obtain the thread id of the monitoring thread.

	The "new" method now only returns the instantiated object.  If you
	want access to the monitoring thread, you should obtain that with
	the new "thread" routine.

	Made the Thread::Conveyor::Monitored object stand-alone with a
	Thread::Conveyor::xxx object in its belly.  Added access methods
	so that they apply to the belt rather than the object itself.  This
	makes the Thread::Conveyor::Monitored::Throttled module obsolete:
	it is now removed from the distribution.  Added documentation for
	all of these new features.

	Upgraded to be able to use (and required) newest Thread::Conveyor.

0.03    1 August 2002
	Changed required version of Thread::Conveyor to 0.04.

	Fixed problem in "new" when using an existing, unthrottled belt.

	Fixed problem in test-suite cause by the new ::Throttled sub-class
	of Thread::Conveyor.

0.02	31 July 2002
	Added Thread::Conveyor::Monitored::Throttled almost empty sub-class 
	for handling throttled monitored conveyors.

	Adapted documentation to reflect the new "maxboxes" and "minboxes"
	fields and modules.  Adapted test-suite as well.

	Adapted makefile.PL to require Thread::Conveyor 0.03.

	Adapted "new" to allow for "maxboxes" and "minboxes" settings now that
	Thread::Conveyor can be throttled.

0.01	25 July 2002
	First version of Thread::Conveyor::Monitored, which started life as