Added ReadLine support, although no completion yet.

Added 'search' command.

Added builtin 'set' command for switching between emacs and vi editing modes.
(see set --help)

Fixed 'new' to work even with a missing Parse::RecDescent library.  This
should just be fixed to use the builtin schema stuff...

Added history file:  LDAPSH_HISTFILE, defaults to ~/.ldapsh_history.

Added profile: LDAPSH_PROFILE, defaults to ~/.ldapshrc.


Fixed some stupid syntax bugs.  Basically, I fixed the things I did in 1.1.


Changed a bit of the libraries around.  All of the connection stuff has
been rolled into Net::LDAP::Config.pm, and it's now a bit more generic and
completely separate from Net::LDAP::Shell.


Not much; seemed to work, so I rolled the version.

beta 1:

Changed namespaces from LDAP to Net::LDAP::Shell


Fixed 'cd ..' to work correctly
Adding 'cd /' as an option
Set prompt to include CWD
Fixed Connect.pm to complain when it does not get a server list
Fixed ls.pm to show nothing when there are no subordinates, rather than complaining
Fixed a couple other small bugs
Added more debugging


Initial release