Mark Southern

Changes for version 0.9

  • The wait_all_children method of the LSF::JobManager class now takes a flattened hash
  • with valid keys 'depend' for a custom dependancy and 'history' to specify whether to pre-cache the job history of submitted jobs (default is false).
  • Added wrappers to more of the command line tools as methods of the LSF::Job object. See the LSF::Job perldoc page for a full list.
  • Platform computing recently released version 5.0 of the Load Share Facility. There are numerous changes, not least of which that the Job Group functionality has disappeared. I will more fully describe the changes and update this API in the forthcoming 1.0 release.
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  • LSF - A perl API built on top of the LSF command line tools UNAUTHORIZED
  • LSF::Job - create and manipulate LSF jobs
  • LSF::JobGroup - manipulate LSF job groups
  • LSF::JobHistory - get historical information about LSF jobs.
  • LSF::JobManager - submit and wait for a set of LSF Jobs
  • LSF::Queue - get information about LSF queues.