Changes for version 2.02 - 2016-02-07

  • Added data_with_error() and argument to readwait() for handling case where some data is read followed by a read error
  • Sub-classing method syntax changed to more flexible hash style arguments (old list style format still accepted)
  • Added match_list argument to waitfor() method
  • When setting error mode or prompt_credentials or poll() poll_code to an array ref with 1st element a code ref, this was working on the first call but not in subsequent calls as the array was shifted in callCodeRef during the first call
  • Sub-classing method poll_readwait() was incorrectly triggering error mode action twice on non-blocking read error
  • Net::Telnet always appends a null character to carriage returns which are not followed by a line feed, which becomes a problem (inability to login) when the output_record_separator is set to just carriage return, as required by certain devices. Control::CLI is now enhanced with logic to prevent Net::Telnet from behaving in that manner. The new logic consists of resetting Net::Telnet's telnetmode to 0 for the duration of any transmits over the Telnet connection. This new logic only applies to Telnet use and only when output_record_separator() has been set to just carriage return
  • Added terminal_type() and window_size() methods to negotiate terminal parameters for both SSH and Telnet connections
  • Added ssh_authentication() method to indicate the ssh authentication used: publickey, password or keyboard-interactive


Command Line Interface I/O over either Telnet or SSH (IPv4 & IPv6) or Serial port