Revision history for IO-ReadHandle-Chain

1.2.2   2018-09-30
        Declare that Perl v5.14 is needed.

1.2.1   2018-02-03
        - Improve documentation.

1.2.0   2018-02-02
        - BREAKING CHANGE: no longer attempt to reset a source
          filehandle to its initial position when switching to the
          next source.
        - BUGFIX: 'read' at EOF now takes into account the specified
        - Reimplement with tie to self, so that additional methods can
          be defined for the filehandle.
        - Implement current_source method.
        - Implement input_line_number method, and update
          $. appropriately.
        - Implement set_field, get_field, remove_field methods.

1.1.0   2017-12-21
        BUGFIX: 'read' beyond EOF now yields an empty buffer.

1.0.1   2017-12-18
        Declare that Perl v5.12 is needed.

1.0     2017-11-19
        First version.