Revision history for TheSchwartz-Moosified

0.07    2016.9.21
        Improve performance of find_job_for_workers() by avoiding creating
        objects that we do not use.

0.06    2011.7.14
        Fix problem with tests loading old versions of the code.
        Redo Postgres setup code

0.05_005 2009.6.18
        replace_with() supports args that are references again (oops)

0.05_004 2009.6.18
        Fix replace_with() bugs (can't insert same uniqkey, goes to different dbs randomly)
        Fix some database timestamps for Pg

0.05_003 2009.6.8
        Fix job prioritization bug

0.05_002 2009.6.4
        Fix query parameters to list_jobs();
        Prevent some transient transaction errors and warnings under PostgreSQL

0.05_001 2009.5.21
        Support prefix (Thanks to Mark Fowler and Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, From TheSchwartz::Simple)
        Add prefix support for PostgreSQL
        Remove Socialtext-specific tests for PostgreSQL
        Add "error_length" option.

0.04    2009.5.11
        Improve support for PostgreSQL.
        Fix a retry_after bug that accidentally updated all jobs' run_after time.
        Fix a bug where retries would insert multiple exitstatus rows.

0.03    2009.2.17
        borrow some code from TheSchwartz::Simple

0.02    2009.2.14
        fix _grab_a_job with WHERE grabbed_until = $old_grabbed_until

0.01    2008.11.19
        rename from MooseX::TheSchwartz