Filesys::SamFS makes the SamFS API available to Perl. SamFS is a HSM
    (Hierarchical Storage Management) Filesystem; it manages files in two
    storage levels - a cache on disks and an archive on removable media like
    magneto-optical disks or tapes.

    SamFS is a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc. For more information,
    please refer to

    Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2008 Lupe Christoph. All rights reserved.

    This software is covered by the Artistic license 2.0, see the file
    Artistic-2.0 included in the distribution.

        You can download Filesys::SamFS from CPAN and from my website at

    perl 5.005_03  While it is quite possible that this module will work
                   with earlier versions, it has only been tested with this

    SamFS          Tested with versions 3.3.0-40, 3.3.1-15, and 3.5.0-28.
                   NOT TESTED WITH 4.x by the author!

    The author does not have access to a SamFS installation anymore. It is
    thus vitally important for him to receive YOUR feedback about any if
    small problem you encounter.

    Because it is very hard to develop test code without the ability to test
    it, additional test code written by YOU is very welcome.

    Standard build/installation supported by ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3)...

            perl Makefile.PL
            make test
            make install

    If you run into problems because you older SamFS does not define some of
    the new features, try running

            perl Makefile.PL -DOLD_SAMFS

    Note that the ndevstat() call in the API only works for the superuser.
    Consequently, t/03ndevstat.t will fail unless it is run by root. You can
    do this with this command:

            su root -c '/usr/ccs/bin/make test'

        Lupe Christoph <>

        Filesys::SamFS has its own webpage at .