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Revision history for Perl extension Filesys::SamFS.

  • 0.101 2008-04-14 10:34

    Changed the licensing to the Artistic License 2.0. Added Artistic-2.0,, and to MANIFEST.

  • 0.1 2008-03-30 14:19

    Changed Makefile.PL so that it can run non-interactively.

  • 0.1_01 2008-01-14 13:21

    Regenerated code for constants with recent h2xs to make it more efficient. All new constants in supports include files added. Added new macros as well. sam_stat now returns the number of blocks and a constant blocksize of 512.

    New versions of stat and lstat: stat_sclars and lstat_scalars. They return an array ref pointing to the copy arrays rather than the arrays themselves, plus the new members of the structure. Code wrapping sam_vsn_stat, sam_segment_vsn_stat, sam_segment_stat, sam_segment_lstat, sam_restore_file, sam_restore_copy Much of the new code can be switched off by defining OLD_SAMFS.

    NOTE: The behaviour of sam_vsn_stat has been changed. Unless compiled with OLD_SAMFS, it returns a reference to one array that contains the attributes of the requested copy rather than a list of arrays, where the first array contains the attributes. I.e. the other arrays have been dropped.

  • 0.035 Wed May 29 11:11:34 2002

    Moved website to (Yay!)

  • 0.034 Mon Jun 25 14:26:08 2001

    Added missing functions to export lists: sam_archive sam_cancelstage sam_release sam_ssum sam_stage sam_setfa sam_advise

  • 0.033 Mon Apr 23 19:32:06 2001

    Removed license statement ("same as Perl") from Copyright section in README.pod. Added License section to README.pod. Added file Artistic to the distribution.

  • 0.032 Wed Apr 11 11:19:51 2001

    Corrected minor mistake in examples/sls. Corrected documentation for vsn_stat - it requires two arguments.

  • 0.031 Tue Mar 7 09:56:58 2000

    Changed name of the SamFS version sub from VERSION (clashes with the module VERSION) to SAM_VERSION. Added opencat, closecat, and getcatalog to the documentation, which was also a little beautified.

  • 0.03 Thu Feb 24 20:34:35 2000

    Support for SamFS release 3.3.1. Added SS_ARCHIVE_C, SS_DIRECTIO, SS_PARTIAL, SS_ISARCHIVE_C, SS_ISDIRECTIO, SS_ISPARTIAL (only defined when Filesys::SamFS is installed with a SamFS version that has them). Changed implementation of sam_vsn_stat().

  • 0.021 Wed Feb 23 10:46:00 2000

    Converted README and Changes to POD format. Changed Makefile.PL to generate text and HTML versions from them.

  • 0.02 Tue Feb 22 14:40:30 2000

    Reworked tests, Makefile.PL, added examples/sls

  • 0.01 Fri Feb 11 16:20:49 2000

    original version; created by h2xs 1.19