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Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Site - Site Pages handler plugin for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles - Plugin Articles handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Sections - Sections handler plugin for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Content - General page content functionality.
Labyrinth::Plugin::Core - Core Plugin documentation for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Folders - handler for Labyrinth folders
Labyrinth::Plugin::Groups - handler for Labyrinth groups
Labyrinth::Plugin::Hits - Handles the hit and update stats for page impressions
Labyrinth::Plugin::Images - Plugin Images handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Inbox - Inbox plugin handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Menus - Plugin Menus handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::News - Plugin News handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Users - Plugin Users handler for Labyrinth
Labyrinth::Plugin::Users::Info - Additional Users Info handler for Labyrinth
Changes for version 5.15
    • fixed distribution name in META.
    • added LICENSE file.
    • fixed loading of user info config (Users/Info).
    • implemented ACL profiles (Users).
    • introduced the concept of disabled accounts, to differentiate from banned users, where accounts cannot be reinstated or deleted (Users).

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