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Language::Expr::Manual::Syntax - Description of the Language::Expr language
Language::Expr - Simple minilanguage for use in expression
Language::Expr::Compiler::Base - Base class for Expr compilers
Language::Expr::Compiler::JS - Compile Language::Expr expression to JavaScript
Language::Expr::Compiler::PHP - Compile Language::Expr expression to PHP
Language::Expr::Compiler::Perl - Compile Language::Expr expression to Perl
Language::Expr::Evaluator - Base class for Language::Expr compilers and interpreters
Language::Expr::EvaluatorRole - Specification for Language::Expr interpreter/compiler
Language::Expr::Interpreter::Default - A default interpreter for Language::Expr
Language::Expr::Interpreter::Dummy - Dummy interpreter for Language::Expr (used for testing)
Language::Expr::Interpreter::VarEnumer - Enumerate variables mentioned in Language::Expr expression
Language::Expr::Parser - Parse Language::Expr expression
Changes for version 0.23
    • No functional changes.
    • Second attempt at disabling most tests.

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