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Christopher J. Madsen
awp2txt - Convert AppleWorks word processor files to text files
pro_fmt - Create a blank Apple II ProDOS disk image file
pro_opt - Optimize an Apple II ProDOS disk image file
prodos - Manipulate Apple II ProDOS disk image files
var_display - Display the strings stored in an Applesoft BASIC VAR file
AppleII::Disk - Block-level access to Apple II disk image files
AppleII::ProDOS - Access files on Apple II ProDOS disk images
AppleII::Disk::DOS33 in lib/AppleII/Disk.pm
AppleII::Disk::ProDOS in lib/AppleII/Disk.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::Bitmap in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::Directory in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::DirEntry in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::File in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::Index in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
AppleII::ProDOS::Members in lib/AppleII/ProDOS.pm
Changes for version 0.11
    • No functional changes
    • Release tests moved to xt/

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