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Michael Morris
LibCAS::Client - A perl module for authenticating and validating against Jasig's CAS server
LibCAS::ModPerl2 - An Apache mod_perl (version 2) handler to enable CAS authentication.
LibCAS::Client::Response in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response.pm
LibCAS::Client::Response::AuthenSuccess in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response/AuthenSuccess.pm
LibCAS::Client::Response::Error in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response/Error.pm
LibCAS::Client::Response::Failure in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response/Failure.pm
LibCAS::Client::Response::ProxySuccess in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response/ProxySuccess.pm
LibCAS::Client::Response::Success in lib/LibCAS/Client/Response/Success.pm
Changes for version 0.02
    • Updated Makefile.PL with some minimum versions (let me know if you are able to get
    • things to successfully run with older version of any of the dependent libraries).
    • Also updated the tests so that they will hopefully find XML-LibXML if it needs to
    • be built as a dependency.

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