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Kim Ryan
Lingua::EN::AddressParse - manipulate geographical addresses
Lingua::EN::AddressParse::Grammar - grammar tree for Lingua::EN::AddressParse
Changes for version 1.19
    • auto_clean always cleans string, not just on parsing error
    • during auto_clean, spaces now removed in sub property identifer, such as 1 A Main St -> 1A Main St
    • fixed floor description in sub property identifier
    • added street type such as 'John F Kennedy Boulevard'
    • post codes can now be optional with the force_post_code argument
    • added more 3 word street names
    • added more street types
    • many more auto_clean functions for redundant, missing or malformed characters
    • stopped single letter streets returning 'no vowel sound' error
    • added more tests

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