Kim Ryan
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.33

  • Removed 'Mr_J_Adam_Smith' name type. Names that were most likely double surnames were beiong incorrectly parsed For example 'Mr A Smythe Taylor' was getting middle name of 'Smythe'. Should be picked up as error. Surname should be 'Smythe-Taylor'
  • Fold all text to upper case prior to parsing, regexp matching is faster if case insensitive Note that this means all components are now NameCased by default. The case_components method has been removed as compoenents methods achieves the same outcome The force_case option has been removed
  • non_matching text moved from propereties to components
  • Use extended regexp (/x) in grammar for better readability Simplified grammar and removed duplicate definitions Removed all full stops before parsing as this simplifies grammar, so: Mr. A.B. Smith => Mr AB Smith Added more valid prefixes 'report' method now tests all functions removed indirect object notation for 'new' method added error and warning description attribues to name object
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