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Dave Rolsky
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::Data - CCDICT data file
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT - An interface to the CCDICT Chinese dictionary
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::ResultItem - A single result from a dictionary search
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::ResultSet - Documentation for result set objects
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::ResultSet::Array - An iterator over an array
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::ResultSet::BerkeleyDB - Iterates over results in a BerkeleyDB database
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::Romanization - A romanization of a Chinese character
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::Romanization::Pinyin - A pinyin romanization of a Chinese character
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::Storage::BerkeleyDB - Store the dictionary in BerkeleyDB files
Lingua::ZH::CCDICT::Storage::InMemory - Store the dictionary in memory
Changes for version 0.05
    • Fix the all_characters method for the InMemory storage class. RT #44071.

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